Will Jonathan Villar survive his base-running gaffes to have a long and successful career?


  • Yost's ghost - 5 years ago

    Until the Brewers develop some quality starting pitchers, they will never contend like they did in 2011. They should have added Aramis Ramirez at the trading dead line that season. He would have put the crew over the top.

  • Bucks fan - 5 years ago

    He has the Gomez mentality of idiotic baserunning. If he doesn't get some common sense out there, he will not be a successful player. With his Mendoza line batting average, he might be a one year wonder type guy. He may run like Mays, but he hits like shit.

  • bob - 5 years ago

    Villar seems to be one of the least focused major league players in the game. .He must not be given the green light to go whenever he thinks he can make it. I watch every game and cringe whenever he gets on base. He has a problem which is not easy to fix as he seems to have no big league savy. Should continue to try Deon in the lead off position. Some really good infield prospects in minors who are proving that they deserve a shot as mentioned on this blog.

  • Wayne - 5 years ago

    He will never learn. He is a wildcard and tends to keep both teams in the game. Remind me of the former centerfielder we had

  • david jorgenson - 5 years ago

    I thought the baserunning miscues would be gone when we got rid of Carlos Gomez! Looks like Villar studied him pretty well. Looking forward to Isan Diaz already!

  • terry - 5 years ago

    He is a one year wonder and brewers made big mistake with him over Scotter. Also all the trades and no pitching as the entire starting staff none would be starter anywhere else as well bullpen very weak month and half gone and starters struggling already and bullpen blowing games .

  • Steve Schultz - 5 years ago

    The Brewers have many young middle infielders eager to take his place. If he doesn't shape up, he is easily replaced. He is going backwards, not improving.

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