Who Do You Want To See With Scott - Sharon or Abby?

  • Diana Brand - 4 years ago

    Sharon deserves to be happy.If it is not Nick then Scott wil do.I want to ask you guys something.I am from SOUTH AFRICA and Y&R is discontinued on Etv.Please tell me where can i watch it online.Greetings Diana Brand

  • Stephanie - 4 years ago

    Abby. Because Nick will need Sharon again once Adam returns. And nick learns the truth

  • Nikkie Redd - 4 years ago

    I picked Abby if he has to choose, other than that I really don't want to see him with neither one.

  • Kim - 4 years ago

    Aunt Sharon with Dylan. The best fit in the world

  • Usha - 4 years ago

    Sharon should be with someone closer to her age.

  • Linda - 4 years ago

    Sharon deserves to be happy. Abby is a spoiled brat and she is so jelouse of Victoria it's stupid. Sharon and Scott would be a great match. Not abby

  • Paula J Franta - 4 years ago

    Sharon needs to move on with her life and scott is a good choice.....Abbey is spolied ..not a match for Scott

  • Shirley Wafers - 4 years ago

    It time for Sharon to be happy let Abby go back to her Husband and let Sharon be happy for once

  • daniellen27 - 4 years ago

    Sharon has had one raw deal after another. She's been raked over the coals for the past three years. Unless Nick and Chelsea split then shrick it is and faith can be happy.

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