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Posted 2 years.


  • Linnea McMillan - 2 weeks ago

    Killing off Michelle ruined that episode for me. What the heck? It wasn't cool for your audience to have to grieve for this cast who are family to many of us. We all have our own life traumas and watch this show to enjoy this time in our day. Big mistake! I stopped watching NCIS years ago because they killed off members of the cast!

  • J D - 2 years ago

    Unnecessary to Kill off Michelle. I mean you kill Michelle but send Granger off to some different location. This used to be one of my favorite shows. Not anymore.

  • Steph - 2 years ago

    Devastated that they killed off Michelle. Why bring the family in with this ending? They could've brought Tahir back without killing Michelle. I just brought myself to watching the last 2 episodes of the season and I'm so disappointed the writers did this.

  • Paige spademan - 2 years ago

    Great programme. Cant believe Sam's wife died in it. They should have continued the show to where Kensi and Deegs get married and hanna spens time with his children evein if there is a 3 year time jumo after the last elpisode. Ncis:Los Angeles shouldn't end like this.

  • Brenda Fashola - 2 years ago

    Horrible writing. I'm not watching anymore!

  • Chloe Becca - 2 years ago

    Letting Sam's wife die was cruel and unnecessary to create suspense---Sam's always the stand up guy so why write in the death of his beloved wife? I plan to watch the show less frequently if at all.

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