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What was your favorite Mother’s Day home run by the Brewers: Bill Hall’s in 2006 or Manny Piña’s on Sunday?

  • Jabari parker's acl - 4 years ago

    The NBA playoff is so much better than MLB regular season. You have to be drunk out of your mind like 98% of the bozos that show up st miller park to actually enjoy the snooze fest now as Major League Baseball. They built that launch pad so fans could just drink they lives to oblivion while watching 8 home runs per game.

  • Stan Levells - 4 years ago

    Taking Bill Hall because he did it with a pink bat and his Mother was either battling breast cancer or a cancer survivor.

  • Jc70ss - 4 years ago

    Baseball is a great sport.....unlike the NBA. Nobody watches that crap.

  • Bucks fan - 4 years ago

    The funny thing is that back in 2006 I actually was able to watch the game. 11years later with kids and a wife who hates baseball, I didn't see it. So I'm going with the 2006 one. Baseball is a pretty fucking boring sport. I can't believe it still is popular. White America loves it. It's like hockey.

  • Lawrence Muehrer - 4 years ago

    Questions like these almost always highly favor the more recent event 'cuz of public's short memory; there is a pop psychology to it, surprised at 100 votes it is almost even; will be interested to ck back to see how the later risers and readers vote.

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