Which would you prefer on Fifth Avenue South in downtown naples?

  • Bill Brasile - 4 years ago

    For years, I was a visitor here in Naples and now decided to buy a condo. The charm, ambiance and uniqueness of 5th Avenue and 3rd streets is so much of which I thoroughly enjoy about Naples. It has old world charm. This is what visitors like about our town. Why in the world would anyone want to destroy what is working for visitors and residents alike for so many years. Why change Naples into any ordinary city? I'm absolutely apposed to adding parking meters here. I f you want to change something add more room to Cambier Park that has turned out to be a real gathering place for entertainment and concerts for us.

  • Andrea Clark Brown - 4 years ago

    I was astonished when I read of Mr. Duany's recommendation for parking meters to be installed on 5th and related any areas of our shopping district. It was his (and his colleague Bob Gibbs) that advised the City to remove our prior meters some years ago, in order to allow cars to park closer to each other in order to gain a considerable amount of additional parking spaces on the street. It worked.

    Placing meters on the street is one of the fastest ways to send residents and visitors into the immediately adjacent residential districts to find alternative (free) parking. As it is visitors to downtown have already long taken advantage of this (unfortunate for the neighboring residents) opportunity repeatedly given the number of events occuring simultaneously on 5th during the Season.

    Additional parking structures are a far better solution than spreading the parking areas into the residential neighborhoods and/or taxing our residents and visitors for patronizing the downtown restaurants and shops. There is much in the way of competition and alternatives, not to mention convenience for shopping and dining elsewhere where parking is free of charge. My vote is for parking garages. And if I might be so bold to say, ones as lovely as the two that currently serve the downtown.

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