What did you think of Miss USA's answers?

  • ROCC STAR - 5 years ago

    NIGGA!!!! WHAT WHITE NONSENSE IS THIS!! First off let me say, shout out to you, for saying where the prom dress article came from. I was going to do a simple search for Instagram prom dress fail, but you saved me some time. I don't have social media so you don't have to worry about me hitting you up asking where can I find this or that. I haven't had social media since Black Planet., yeah I said "Black Planet." Hell, my father is on more social media platforms than me. I know people are on social media looking for me only to find an old man flaunting around like these young women want him. Anyways when you started describing the dresses, I was doing my morning work out., and I dam near fell down the stairs. Then Karen brought up the Gordon Gortrell Special edition line, it took me all the way bacc. I'm crying laughing writing this comment just thinking of those dresses.
    I've started a new job and I'm currently in training, so I have a lot of down time, in between learning. When I made it to class, I pulled up the daily mail article and started laughing uncontrollably. Based on your description I guess the gold and burgundy dress is the game of thrones dress, and I don't even watch Game of Thrones, it just looks like its from the Middle Ages or Middle Earth. The Chun Li Special dress was killing the game, I'm guessing that's the one with the black girl...."That's that" (Chun Li voice). Then came my personal favorite, the red form fitting dress with I'm guessing rhinestones. The prom dress isn't even form fitting, and the designer had the nerve to improvise and add sleeves. What part of the game is this? I did notice that only pale skins got duped on this one. Priceless, I'm going to give that article a 0 as far as fuccing with black people. Keep up the great work you guys.

  • Cappadonna - 5 years ago

    I was on the fence on her feminist answer because I've heard black women define feminism but run away from the term. That said, once I heard that bullshit privileged answer about healthcare, I was like, nope! She's may be shaped like a coke bottle, but she's a walking Aunt Jemima! She can catch that Fiya Starter Wenching Award of the week for that nonsense!

    I wanted to be happy for a gorgeous young sister with a science degree winning. But as soon as she gave that mush mouth Ben Carson lite answer, man listen - she can get that dragging! Because you don't have over a five figure salary, you deserve to die?! What in the Name of Lawn Jockey Nonsense is this? Nigga Please!!

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