Softball B.O.B - Outfielder: Who is the best high school outfielder in Battle Creek?

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  • Tom - 3 years ago

    LOL Allison! Obviously you participated in the great race....slugger!

  • Seth - 3 years ago

    Allison might want to go look up the definition of cheating. "Cheating" implies breaking rules of some sort. Frequent voting on a poll that is meant for fun is not cheating. My apologies to Allison for excercing my right to vote. Clearly you like being the center of attention.

  • John - 3 years ago

    All I see here is a couple bad apples or poor sports...what are you showing these girls? Be done with it....let it go! This isnt the first poll like this and Ive seen others when the top person literally blew everyone away and nothing was said like what was said here today. Makes you look bad when you act this way!

  • Billy - 3 years ago

    You all should stop with the comments. Do not make this poll something it is not. All of these girls are amazing. Many polls have taken place over the last few weeks for baseball and softball and none of the other polls turned into what this one has become. They were all handled the same way. And some of the athletes had more votes in many of the other polls. Have some class.

  • Unknown - 3 years ago

    Is this any way for a community to act? We are all part of battle creek and anyone on the ballot should be blessed. There are bigger issues in the world than a simple poll of battle creek. Congrats to all girls on the ballot!

  • Brian S - 3 years ago

    I am Taryns father. She played last summer with both Taylor and Chelsea they are all great players and even better kids. Congrats to those two and their classmates at Pennfield for supporting them. You should have been at the all city tournament when they gathered to take a picture together after the Pennfield win. There are no losers in that group.

  • Allison - 3 years ago

    I owe nobody an apology for my opinion. You got to share yours right? I didn't say she specifically was a cheater I implied that votes increasing by large numbers is cheating. Which is MY OPINION. & yes.. you hit the nail on the head, its a popularity contest any way you look at it. She has the most support, the most family with the most time on their hands. Great job out there slugger!

    Overall I hope that these girls go on to do great things regardless of the results of this poll. I admire the families who didn't participate in the great race to popularity.

  • Sylvia - 3 years ago

    They allow a person to vote how many times they want. That's the only way I could see a person cheating and if that's the case there are no rules against it! I know this family and they have a large family and my friend her cousin has been pushing for votes on Facebook she has a large support system .

  • Hillary - 3 years ago

    Allison.. I had the same thoughts. no worries darling, I am sure the one's responsible for the abundance of votes are all the ones commenting. I actually decided I was going to comment because I find it a bit sad that we are still participating in these "popularity polls." There was a similar poll that my child was involved in, it was a poll over the best art project. At the time we were not in a position financially to readily have access to the internet. My child had very little votes simply because we weren't as fortunate as the others to be able to spread the word. I think in the future The Enquirer should take that into consideration, although even if they cap the votes it still comes down to popularity.
    I'm sure these girls are all great, but can you imagine how the girl who has almost no votes feels? This was just taken too far.

  • Kris Vogel - 3 years ago

    Allison....shame on you! To imply cheating of any kind for a poll....A POLL!!! Its not like a cash prize was won or lost or even a scholarship! Each and every player had the same level playing field for this poll! You owe Taylor Baird and her supporters an apology!

  • Seth - 3 years ago

    Allison, you really think people are going to go out of their way to cheat in a Battle Creek enquirer poll? What a stupid comment. Some players just have a lot of people voting for them and showing their support and there is nothing wrong with that. So glad you took time out of your day to post that worthless comment.

  • Hailey - 3 years ago

    Allison- What's wrong with a lot of support? Her votes are increasing so much because she has lots of people supporting her and there is no limit on how much you can vote. No problem with that! Go Taylor!

  • Shannon - 3 years ago

    Allison- I am Taylor's mother. For you to suggest that there is any type of cheating is uncalled for and very disrespectful to my daughter. Obviously Pennfield thought we had two amazing outfield players. If you have been watching the polls on day one you would've seen that the other Pennfield girl had votes coming in just as fast. In fact I support and admire. Chelsea as she has played ball with my daughters for years. She is everything that coach described. For you to attack my daughter in the fashion you did was very inappropriate. You have no right to judge my child especially when people can vote multiple times. Shame on you.

  • Ben Smith - 3 years ago

    Obviously the enquirer doesn't look at it as cheating or they would set it so you could only vote once, and FYI Allison when I looked last night, Chelsea's votes were going up just as fast if not faster than Taylor's... It's friendly competition, stop starting drama where and when it isn't necessary.

  • Allison - 3 years ago

    Taylor Baird's votes are literally changing by the 50s per minute.. I just voted for the 2 girls I thought were best, by MERIT, and watched her votes almost unbelievably drastically increase. So I keep checking and it's increasing at a very sketchy rate. I'm sorry but that is cheating and this has become who has the most time in their day to keep refreshing their browser for votes.. All of you girls are great. Chelsea, I would be proud of yourself just based on your coaches comments about your character, those characteristics are rare these days. I also have heard many good things about Jacey. I hope you girls continue doing great things and I hope success finds you!

  • Libby B - 3 years ago

    Matt your comment was rude and very disrespectful towards those Penfield girls. Heck even the district. If you don't have a connection to any of the players maybe you should keep your negativity to yourself.

  • Matt Gray - 3 years ago

    Nothing meant to be rude, and the stats are in the sports section of the newspaper, unless your coach decided to just not submit the outfielders stats. The poll says bet outfielder in the city not the best at Pennfield. I'm sure both girls are wonderful kids. This is my last post

  • Libby B - 3 years ago

    Matt - the coach for Pennfield opted not to post their stats. If you had any common sense you would realize it's a friendly competition between two girls on the same team. But obviously Pennfield has an Awesome outfield if 2 players were nominated. Get a life and keep the rude comments to yourself .. just sayin

  • Matt Gray - 3 years ago

    Even the Lakeview girl has too many votes for a city the size of Battle Creek, but the facts of her stats, all city, all district awards at a division 1 school, and that she's a four year varsity player says something. I have no connection with any of the teams. Was just reading the articles

  • Kris Vogel - 3 years ago

    Wow Matt Gray!

  • Matt Gray - 3 years ago

    Looking at the stats listed today, looks like pressing the vote button is the only thing the Pennfield players are better at than the Lakeview kid.

  • Jen Steele - 3 years ago

    Go Chelsea!!! :-)

  • Francine Newton - 3 years ago

    She jas an amazing character and works really hard at all her sports and acedemic achievements. GO CHELSEA!!!!!!#

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