Is CarSon Done For Good Once Carly Catches Sonny & Martina In Bed?

  • Lucy - 4 years ago

    I was rooting for them this time around. It would have been good to see them make it and have a good marriage.

  • Lori - 4 years ago

    Enough is Enough!!!!! End the Carly/Sonny story already! Either get divorced or reunite, but end this storyline already!!!! Writers, there has to be another storyline you can write for these characters for crying out loud!

  • Shilow - 4 years ago

    Please the time has come bye bye carly and sonny good lord its like watching ground hog day

  • Faiit - 4 years ago

    I don't like Carly, especially since Cassie Wright came on board. She's an ok actress but not for Maurice Benard. Please send Carly and her bratty daughter to Australia with jax. There's more chemistry between them. Personally I don't care about either of them going back together. What's a good reason to initially leave is good reason to stay gone. Give Sonny what's his and take what's yours and hit the road.

  • Earlene Kriechbaum - 4 years ago

    Neither Carly or Sonny are angels. Carly acts like she has never done anything wrong, cannot stand her superior attitude with everybody. Its always "poor Carly". Tired of her! Let her go, Sonny.

  • Peggy - 4 years ago

    That's it! I'm done with GH. I've watched GH for almost 40 years but no more! I thought you writers finally got your smarts back by re-re-re-re-reuniting Sonny and Carly for the final time. I was addicted to GH but not anymore! Thank you for cutting me loose. I now have an hour more in my day to do more productive things!! Wow, and the cut doesn't even hurt!!!

  • Rachel - 4 years ago

    Who gives a damn! Carly didnt care about Sonny when ahe was hoeing around and sleeping with ex husband/baby daddy! Lol....go for it Sonny!

  • Kelly Stone - 4 years ago

    I'm sick and tired of this back and forth thing between Sonny and Carly, it's getting very old! It's like these writers can't figure out what to write so they replay the old lines! Wake up people cause that's a great way to loose viewers! GH is definitely not the same as they once were! When Wendy Rich was on and Claire Labine it was magnificent! The ratings stayed up and viewers were happy! People couldn't wait to tune in the next day for the episode. Plus all the great actors were on! Things need to change!

  • Robin Zarzana - 4 years ago

    As a GH fan for 50+ years, I am begging "TPTB" to PLEASE reunite Sonny & Carly asap! 5 MARRIAGES TO EACH OTHER CANNOT BE FOR NOTHING!
    They LOVE each other so much so that they accept all of the other one's children with other people and even consider these children to be their own!
    Get Martina out of town! Bring in NORA BUCHANAN to handle Carly's divorce! Nora will see the love and family! Her husband, BO will come to Port Chuck to join her and show Sonny and Carly what a LOVE STORY can be! #1 FORGIVENESS. LET THE DIVORCE GO THROUGH SO CARLY AND SONNY CAN HAVE A BEAUTIFUL 6th WEDDING! Avery can be the flower girl, Rocco as ring bearer, Josslyn can be Carly's Maid of honor and Lulu, Bobbi, Christina, and Molly,Etc can be bridesmaids! Dante and Michael can stand up for their Dad and Max, Milo, etc can be ushers! We can have a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING with an interruption..., MORGAN WALKS IN!!!

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