Grade the 'Blacklist' Season 4 finale:

  • Milan Enjakovic - 4 years ago

    Loved the series again,can't wait for series 5.Sad about Kaplan hopefully she resurfaces. All characters are excllent. Really like Dembe hope he stays in the show.????

  • Vicki - 4 years ago

    Hoping only good things for the newly announced "family". However, Mr. Kaplan had promised to protect liz's mother and also liz, but not to love liz. Yet, in the final episode, she also finally told redding ton she loved him. If redd did kill liz's mother and Kate knew it for years, how could she love the man who killed the woman she swore to protect? How could she allow redd in liz's life? This is confusing and doesnt make sense. I've also forgotten how Kate got the original steel plate in her head, which obviously deflected redd's bullet.

    Reddington is the absolute bad boy that women find so fascinating. Faith he will land on his feet.

  • Cas Stafford - 4 years ago

    I too am hoping Tom is working with Red to protect Liz and solidify what could be a formidable family union

  • Pablo - 4 years ago

    Best case would be if Tom's scene at the bus station locker is NOT when we are led to believe but actually later in the storyline. He is talking to Reddington or Denbe. They all collude to continue protecting Masha. Then proceed to form the ultimate power family. Masha/Liz as boss with Reddington as consiglieri. Tom and Denbe as muscle and possibly a role for newly introduced grandpa Brian Dennehy

  • mary - 4 years ago

    I hope it turns out reddington changed the contents of that suitcase so late loses again I don't want Elizabeth hurt and I love reddington

  • Nick - 4 years ago

    I hope that in season 5, Red and Liz maintain a family relationship and chase bad guys with his input and her resources. I don't really want anything to come between them

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