Is It Time For Victoria To Wake Up And Move On From Billy For Good?

  • Cece - 4 years ago

    I think Victoria and Billy always had a strong chemistry together. I would have loved to of had that relationship continue. But she did treat him like a yo-yo which pushed him right back in the arms of Phyllis. I guess we saw that coming. I do not think that Phyllis and Billy will last either.

  • Cynthia - 4 years ago

    Billy and Victoria belongs together .Phyllis needs to be with someone else.

  • Comet - 4 years ago

    Billy and Phyllis deserve each other... They will both end up with nothing I mean Phyllis lives in her daughter's apartment and does Billy even have a home? I have never seen the connection between any of the Billy's and Victoria. Bring back Adam!!! Then the journalist needs a makeover!

  • Juanita Perales - 4 years ago

    Also, I want to add something about Cain! He's a dirty rotten jerkt! I hope he gets HiS real soon! To tell you the truth, I don't see why his marriage is still viable
    How stupid can any wife be than to always think her husband is perfect.

  • Juanita Perales - 4 years ago

    I am so sick and tired of Victoria and Billy. Phyllis is the best for Billy . I wish you producers could see that!

  • Susan - 4 years ago

    Victoria needs to meet a handsome, classy man that will sweep her off her feet. Let her move on. Her relationship with Billy is depressing!

  • Daniellen27 - 4 years ago

    The moment they brought on Jason Thompson, I suspected they would match him with Gina Tognoni (Phyllis). Somehow, it was the next logical step. Unfortunaly, the chemistry Heinly had with Miller could not quite be matched with all his replacements although Thompson did a good job of it. The question is, who's going to bring some joy into Vicky's personal life. The cute romance she had last summer evaporated. Also, thanks to Cane/Jack, Billy's hard work got torpedoed and I hope it comes back to bite them in the rear. At least, for her own sake, I hope Vicky can save the hockey deal. Cane, like Neil needs to see the light "again" found his own company.

  • Phyllis - 4 years ago

    Billy is not perfect and he followed Victoria around like a puppy, OMG! She kept pushing him away and giving him mixed signals... I don't blame him, she should have let him know how she felt. She was acting all high and mighty like a "Newman" instead of being her own woman. Bye--bye Vickie

  • Lynn - 4 years ago

    Yes she can do so much better and not be a weakling like Phyllis when it comes to that loser. Daddy Victor was right all along. That's my opinion. I don't care who disagrees.

  • Barb Hauri - 4 years ago

    Victoria is sickning and the story line has been going on long enough. Just like bringing Adam back how far fetched is that again,let's keep it real

  • Lizzy - 4 years ago

    You have that backwards. Johnny is the son of Chelsea and Billy. He was adopted by Victoria and Katherine is the child of Billy and Victoria.

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