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  • George Hines - 6 years ago

    See you at the Convention Greg. Looking forward to your football replay reports.

  • John Heiselman - 6 years ago

    What ever is convenient for you.I like comparing your stats with real life stats. I do a draft replay with
    12 to 14 teams 14 game season. I'm just getting under way with the 2014 season 14 teams and I'm using
    your method with the defense on the spread sheet with the computer. Save's a lot of dice rolls. The season
    replay is 3 divisions 2 wild card teams.

  • Steve M Ryan - 6 years ago

    I would like the game-by-game updates. It is easier to keep up that way because sometimes I get behind and it takes a while to catch up. Life happens and I get behind.

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