What kind of Spotlight would you like to see on the Manifesto?

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Posted 2 years.


  • amandroid - 2 years ago

    Why pigeon hole yourself? The greatness of the internet is that you can have Disney or hardcore porn. Or hardcore Disney porn. Wait... Make the Manifesto...you. You have old school flavor and daughters building horse castles. You have a unique view of the Lego world that can reach out to a variety of fans if you just trust yourself. Share your knowledge and be open to change, the discussion will happen organically. Imagine a place where old salts share their experience with newcomers. Create something no one else has. You write well and have a good sense of humor. Just do your thing. If you build it, they will come.

  • Keith Goldman - 2 years ago

    Yes Mike, I should have dumbed it down for you. College Radio = Not Top 40 = obscure/new/young builders. Too abstract for you....dolt.

  • michael rutherford - 2 years ago

    Which option equates to "Show me up and coming guys who don't get attention any place else"? Was that college radio? If it was, then the metaphor was to abstract for me. Also, I really do hate you... for real... but the other answers were metephors... so do you understand that I REALLY DO HATE YOU?

    And... I hate you.

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