Grade ABC's 'Dirty Dancing' remake:

  • Maureena Strong - 3 years ago

    I llike to know also.. Whos child is it? And also what happened that Baby and Johnning didnt stay together? My opion the movie was pretty good.

  • Martina Cray - 3 years ago

    If you watch the original most of your questions would be answered. Like why the sister said why did you give your self to him? It was not about looks. It was about in that time young rich girls didn't dare sleep with poor boys or the staff. Regardless of their looks. So why him a lower class boy over a rich higher class boy. The original was 100% better.

  • music96 - 3 years ago

    Anyone who hasn't seen the original Dirty Dancing should rent it from Amazon. Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze had a connection/passion in the original film. They never said I Love You, but it was seen in the acting. A watermelon is just a watermelon, with no other meaning. In the original movie, there were several people around Penny when the doctor left. When Baby went to Johnny's room, there was no backstory about going to jail. Johnny just says someone came into a diner and asks if anyone wants to learn to be a dance instructor. The relationship between Baby's parents was never questioned and her sister was less brainy. Vivian was married, but trying to get with Johnny on the side and you never actually saw them together. Baby's husband at the end does resemble Johnny. Prattes did a decent job Johnny, but they needed another Baby.

  • G - 3 years ago

    I give it an A for abysmal! :)

  • dD - 3 years ago

    Hmm who's kid is it? Johnny's maybe? There was that look of shock and most likely she was t on any Bc being she was a "baby"???

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