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  • Paul - 2 years ago

    When I wasn't rolling my eyes at wave after wave of libtard nonsense going on in this episode, I was sometimes laughing out loud at the lack of subtlety employed by the Trump-hating writers. The Muslim family that was brutally terrorized were portrayed as having entered the country legally (of course), having run a successful business (of course), having always paid their taxes (of course), and having never been in trouble with the law (of course). Hey, perfect immigrants! Just like all immigrants! As if going over the top by having the two meany white guys needlessly rape two of the Muslim women during the robbery along with ultimately committing two murders, the hateful SVU writing staff then revealed that the raped and murdered daughter had just been accepted to college (sniffle). And which college was that? Columbia University! Ivy League, baby! But of course.

    The laughable liberal bias is hardly limited to this show which used to be excellent during the Chris Meloni years but now sucks bigtime during the Hargitay and Gang years. You can find the liberal bias in most scripted TV shows and movies. It's been their for many years but in the last two years it's been cranked up to full volume. Far from brainwashing America into swallowing it all whole, Hollywood is instead succeeding in making much of the country loathe it even more. My belief is that actors, writers, and producers have no idea how much they have come to be hated. They ought to be more careful as there IS a point of no return to all this.

  • Shug - 3 years ago

    This has been my favorite show for years, however was very offended by comments on this episode. No need to put political views and negative comments about our president./government. Some comments cause more racism and hatred and promoted liberal views. I hated seeing this and will make me stop watching like I have with several other shows! Just entertain and stop playing politics!!!

  • WILLIAM BLOCKER - 3 years ago

    Not only is this the best show on TV now but the best show ever. The people who are complaining about liberal bias are way off base. This show is not afraid to take on sensitive issues and that may offend some people. I have the DVDs of all 17 seasons and I'm looking forward for DVDs of season 18,I will buy it as soon as it is available.

  • Krys jens - 3 years ago

    Left, left, left. It's getting old. I'm done with this show. Just took
    It out of DVR record list. Hollywood is so out of touch with how real Americans feel. So sad

  • djm - 3 years ago

    I have been watching the show from season 1. The 2017 finale was awful, too political and too left leaning. I could not finish watching the show and have deleted the timer out of my DVR for any future episodes. It's time for this show to be canceled.

  • JM - 3 years ago

    Love the show but hate the political correctness. As a white person I am now seen as racist against blacks and muslims. This is ridiculous. As a teacher in an inner city school I constantly feel that I am a victim of rascism by some of my black parents. I wish people would wake up and realize that pushing this policially correct agenda in tv shows only makes things worse.

  • Ben Zinke - 3 years ago

    This episode got everything right. Especially the ridiculous notion that some have in our country that everyone being treated equal is making white males victims. I was very impressed by this episode and how it spoke to how the majority of the country is feeling.

  • Janis - 3 years ago

    Very upset about this show. Do not need to call our president names.

  • Marcy - 3 years ago

    I loved the show.p,because it showed just how racist and ignorant Trump is!!

  • Tiffany - 3 years ago

    Loved the episode!!! Love seeing the law/police side of hate that has been incited BY who is in office.

  • Helen - 3 years ago

    This was one of my favorite shows that I looked forward to watching every week. After watching this episode, I won't be watching again. It was extreme left minded. I don't need to watch a show that pushes the liberal agenda. They just lost a long time viewer.

  • Diane - 3 years ago

    Loved the show for many years in spite of their left leaning messages. However between 2016 and 2017, the show is way too political to the extreme left. I don't feel they are no longer represent law but rather whine every show about the actors extreme left politics. We do not watch TV and frankly do not care about the actors political views. We watch shows for entertainment. Gone too far people. I will no longer watch your crap.

  • Lois Knox - 3 years ago

    Used to love SVU. This episode went over the line. Really tired of the liberal BS. NBC so terribly biased on news broadcasts and now this episode was really over the top. Keep it real; this episode was just corny.

  • Jane - 3 years ago

    I'm done. Been watching SVU for years. Now you jump on anti trump band wagon. Why? To make you large democratic audience that lost the election happy. Illegal immigrants do not belong in this country. My family are immigrants. We came to us legally. Others can too.

  • Elizabeth Quintero - 3 years ago

    Done watching this show! Agree with all the other comments posted. This show is supposed to represent law enforcement and their duty to up hold the law by serving and protecting its citizens. This episode represented the opposite. Hypocrisy at its best. Funny how Obama was never bashed or berated...and oh yes, even Joe Biden was on one episode early on in the season. Just pathetic!

  • L - 3 years ago

    I quit watching. Portraying lies of the current environment. ICE is going after illegal immigrants who have committed a crime ( Sanctuary cities are illegal. I am done with this show. I want entertainment not politics. If you live in a liberal city like in the Northeast or CA you will believe this crap. Your poll is probably fake like all the mainstream news.

  • Martina Varela - 3 years ago

    Pretty sad to see my favorite show down the tube, this season has been the most politicized ever. Last night was it for me. Next season make a show, which shows the freedom of speech being violated. Please change I have been watching from the beginning but I can't take this anymore!

  • Dez - 3 years ago

    Law and Order has always reflected current headlines and while it may not be happening in New York, it is happening in South Florida and Philadelphia... they wanted to bring attention to ICE and sanctuary cities and how little regard they had for how their deportation of their witness affected American citizens.

  • J T Jacobs - 3 years ago

    The writers were about as subtle as a baseball bat to the head. As if putting their ideology into the mouths of the actors portraying police bore any true resemblance to what the police rank and file and their union reps actually think.

  • Rajesh Patel - 3 years ago

    As a Muslim married to a brazilian woman, we have watched SVU for over ten years. Last night we had three other couples over to watch the season finale as we all love SVU. We all found the show embarrassing as Americans. America is country that is suppose to show strength in unity. With such negative awful events going on in this world--we do NOT need episodes like last night to further dwindle what possible rectification may happen. During our former presidents final year in office, more then a person a day died due terrorism and/or hate. We are now onto a new president, who some including myself did not choose--but that is besides the point; we may not like some of his choices-but he has proven he does have a motive to change the issues we have been dealing with. Strength in unity only happens through support of others. I see when searching the internet that Mariska mentioned how important an episode this is and how she is so proud of it. I find that very discerning as a major character in a show that is exemplify good-not a SNL skit reaching for viewers. Our night was a joyous occasion for us to get together. We all left with bad taste in our mouth regarding our beloved show.

  • Joanne Tropea - 3 years ago

    This is my favorite show, I even have the theme music on my cell phone, but why make those Trump negative comments? People don't forget he is the President of the United States of America. Not too thrilled with these imaginary plot of Muslims hate crimes. Bad people get ideas, these things are NOT happening in NYC, if it starts now we'll know why....not sure about my favorite show anymore and sad about it......................

  • becky willard - 3 years ago

    comments on trump blaming: if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ...

  • Pat Nehmelman - 3 years ago

    I have always enjoyed this show even when they were a little too political. However, this episode crossed the line when President Trump was called a thug. I will not watch next season!

  • Mary Jane Yanta - 3 years ago

    While the finale was dramatically excellent, the story was provocative and spellbinding, and the acting was superb, I was infuriated at the pervasive " Trump- blaming" comments for people's racism.

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