'Arrow': Who will turn up ALIVE in the Season 6 premiere? Choose up to NINE (9) CHARACTERS

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  • Izuchukwu Joseph - 2 years ago

    I really want to see the team arrow back again especially Felicity,Thea and diggle .But when is season 6 coming? I can wait.

  • Kan - 4 years ago

    Felicity has to live because she all time support to arrow. why she die? I'm not going to watch this show if she die.

  • Armz k - 4 years ago

    Felicity and diggle 100% need to survive.. what's team arrow without them??.. Neissa hopefully survives she's so hot. Slade is literally my fav character.. he is sooo amazing.. loved how he kept double crossing team chaste in final episode... "assumption is the number one cause of failure" or something like that!! That was pretty cool!! Rene and Dinah hope they definitely survived cos they r regulars for season 6.. just can't wait for season 6!!! Gonna be lit

  • Trevor Tucholl - 4 years ago

    First of the auto correct in real in your post lol jk i think the team stays the same quintin lives as well in any show main charecters never die

  • Winnie - 4 years ago

    Felicity cannot die I mean how would team arrow even run without her ? I think Samantha will die and William will be left with Oliver. I really want slade to be alive he is so badass and having him team up with Oliver again was amazing I hope he makes it. I don't want Merlin to die???????????????? he's too evil to die! I hope Thier survuves too and that good Laural comes back. Diggle has to come back like dah ! I DON'T want anyone to die ???????? . I mean why cant they just wait for the flash to get out of the speed force and ask him to run back in time and save everyone? Or they can ask Wale ! The consequences really don't matter that much as long as people like Merlin n Felicity live. I cant wait for season 6.

  • Jade - 4 years ago

    Felicity has to live because I mean dah olicity and she just cant die if she does I'm not going to watch the show because she's a huge part of the show and Oliver's life and they just got good with each other.

  • GAY K MCCAULEY - 4 years ago

    I agree that was the first thing I thought of that prison down below come on it's a free perfect fallout shelter there was a submarine on there somewhere too so I think Slade got everybody into that prison well least most of everybody I agree that Malcolm Merlyn couldn't possibly be dead he's too evil good I also think he is alive all of hers had too much loss in his life to lose his sister too and Felicity I think they'll live diggle he has a wife and a son Curtis does need to get back with his boyfriend or his husband I agree with most of all of those just not so sure about the Black Canary she's not even from this world she came in from another world so I think maybe she may live in go back to her own world or she turns good highly doubt she turns good Quentin and Dinah they've already had too much loss I think the live I don't think that Evelyn will live because that makes it a big problem for Felicity and Oliver I don't know why but it does but I agree with you all and I think Slade should live to see his son he's helping them now and he's not evil anymore just my opinion what do you guys think

  • Brandon L - 4 years ago

    I am 100% sure that Felecity survives because on DC's Legends of Tomorrow (S1 E6), Sara Lance finds Oliver in 2046 where he says that "they" took Felecity and "them", indicating that Felecity survived.

  • Brandon L - 4 years ago

    Felecity survives 100% because on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, there is a scene where Sara Lance finds Oliver (from the future) and Oliver says that "they" took Felecity and them, indicating that Felecity survives.

  • Brenda - 4 years ago

    William mom die, curtis die the one in the cage and Laurie

  • Jordan C - 4 years ago

    Honestly Nyessa has to live cause she's badass and hot (being honest) and felicity obliviously, I think Quentin dies cause you know both his daughters are basically dead, dig lives he has a wife and kid, I think Slade lives because he's also badass and needs to see his son and I don't think he dies that easily, Dinah definitely, Wild Dog needed, I think Samantha lives because of her son, Nyssa sister dies good riddance

  • Jacob Bullard - 4 years ago

    Obviously Oliver and William survive but I feel like most of everyone on the island survives. The A.R.G.U.S. prison (a perfect bomb shelter) is where Slade Wilson has lived for some great time so I wouldn't be surprised if he gets most of them to the bunker. I feel like they are going to kill off Samantha so that William will come to live with Oliver along with Felicity. Felicity has to live because she is the backbone (support) of the team. John has to survive because he along with Felicity and Oliver were the original three. Thea in my opinion, lives so that she could live up to her fathers sacrifice while I think Malcom Merlyn survived somehow someway like he always does. At this point Rene and Dinah have already been pronounced regulars for next season so you know those two live. I feel like Curtis will live so that he can hook up with Paul but yet again he wasn't "that" important so they may kill him off. I feel like Ragsman will come back next season as well. Nyssa may die so that Talia can remake the League of Assasins and lead them to kill Oliver (plot for season 6). I don't think that they will kill off Quentin but yet again other shows kill off major characters. Slade Wilson lives so that he can reconnect with his son someway. And I don't think Evelyn finds a way to get out of the cage. She practically wants to die.

  • Brooke McMillon - 4 years ago

    I want felicity and duffle to live. They're the original 3. Rene needs to live so he can get his daughter back in his life and make her life better. Curtis.. well idk how optimistic I am about him not dying. I would love to see him and Paul get back together but I feel like he isn't really that big of a piece of team arrow. The new black canary.. I think she will live because Quentin needs to live. She will give him hope to go on and be strong after losing Laurel. Thea had to live because their father said that Oliver can do anything as long as he had the support of her because she is stronger than he is. Of course Malcom lives. They wouldn't have shown the explosion of the land mind if he died. There has to be suspense. I would like to see slade come back to star city. I have a soft spot for him. I want all of team arrow to live. If I had to only pick one person. I'd pick felicity.

  • Joshua - 4 years ago

    Oh and Nysa and talia have to live. Talia brings the league back into the picture which allows for plots as well. Keep in mind as well, vigilante is still loose in starling. And Quentin dying would be an inconvenience not a real problem though. Black siren living is a given and that's gonna provide a greater League of villains.

  • Joshua - 4 years ago

    Curtis was set up to die all season I feel. Evelyn should die and wants to. Samantha dying would provide new plot points as well as help mend felicity and Oliver. Thea dying though, hate to say it, but her death is perfect. It sets into motion lots of plot points, malcolm will live to see arrow dead thus bring the dark archer back, and it makes Olivier have to face massive darkness that can only be healed by Felicity and Diggle. Thea's death is also convenient at this time. Do I think she really dies, probably not they will play it that way though and maybe reconnect Roy and her later when Oliver needs Malcolm on their side. It might be sothibg like the invasion episode. We will probably only see the core characters get out alive. Slade Wilson is a survivor, no question he lives.

  • Luke S - 4 years ago

    I think Curtis will die saving someone. I also think felicity, john, black siren, Rene, Dinah, Thea, evelyn, Samantha, and nyssa will survive

  • Eid - 4 years ago

    I really need Felicity Smoak alive and John Diggle and Thea Queen

  • Sona - 4 years ago

    I want to have the real Laurel return somehow

  • Travis moose - 4 years ago

    If Thea dies Oliver will probably go back to being. A killer and embrace that he loves killing

  • Kyleigh - 4 years ago

    Please let diggle, Thea, Curtis, Rene, Dinah, and felicity stay alive!!!

  • Nanati Ioane - 4 years ago

    Pls dnt let Felicity die .There's no arrow with out Felicity.

  • Lynn - 4 years ago

    Not sure the full impact the new "black canary" is going to make but really liked this new turn of "dark" Felicity in season 5 I just can't see Oliver without Felicity ever and this side of her just proves she is the other half of Arrow..... Olicity!!!! Don't disappoint us writers ????

  • Dalton A - 4 years ago

    Felicity and diggle both need to survive they are the original 3

  • Joshua Paustian - 4 years ago

    I want slade to live and be apart of the new team or at least see him find his son. Slade is the toughest one on the island. He is the most likely to survive. Also, Malcom has been know to die several times, I believe he survived the landmine and I would've voted for him but he was not a option.

  • Damion King - 4 years ago

    They are going to jump 5 years in advance after these events. And probably only the mom died because she won't leave without her son. All others survived because it's no game of thrones to take risks of getting rid of characters.
    Couldn't even kill laurel for a season or even Sara.
    Better finale than other seasons though...
    Last 4 seasons - "Come all citizens of star city, fight with me"

  • Jill benson - 4 years ago

    Felicity is a must there is no arrow without her. It seems to me they are going to have his son William in more episodes so hate to say it the best way to do that is if his mom dies an he lives with his dad. They might kill Theia off that would probable bring Roy back.

  • Hope - 4 years ago

    Felicity and Arrow are the star of the show so Felicity has to stay or the show will not make it to season 7pr 8 iI like the cast keep Arrows friends

  • Yo yo ma - 4 years ago

    Clearly all of them is the answer but there were only 9 options.

  • Chanifa Zen - 4 years ago

    Please let felicity alive

  • Samuel A - 4 years ago

    They did a rogue one... what too soon?

  • Logan Marcum - 4 years ago

    I know I'm right! I really want Felicity to be alive! They wouldn't kill her off, they would loose a lot of views!

  • Kirkland granger - 4 years ago

    I'm right

  • Robert Saunders - 4 years ago

    Arrow the best

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