LordKnightmon/Crusadermon or Dynasmon? (Poll Closed)

  • LordKnightmon/Crusadermon
    4 votes

  • Dynasmon
    9 votes


Posted 2 years.


  • Animeguy - 2 years ago

    I really enjoy the designs of the less shown Royal Knights, and of the two shown, Dynasmon is a great design, since it does look like an actual creature wearing armor, rather than Crusadermon which looks like just an alive suit of armor

  • sp - 2 years ago

    Both designs are really good, Lordknightmon is bit more futuristic and i love the helment, while Dynasmon is a dragon knight of sorts,maybe thats why they are matched against Magnagarurumon and Kaisergreymon respectively. Speaking of Kaisergreymon i think he could too pass as a royal knight,but they do look good together. In terms of personality i picked Lordknightmon, i don't find him sterotypical or particularly flamboant,he is just the obsessed with beauty and perfection type of anime character but again they both complement each other and i find them better than Jessie and James

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