Have you ever lost a tarantula to impaction
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  • nicodimus22 - 3 years ago

    A few weeks ago, I bought a juvenile female B. klaasi from another arachnoboards member. She seemed rather lethargic after being unpacked, but she was able to move OK and went inside her hide right away. She ate a cricket the following week, but refused after that. One morning, I found her in a death curl and immediately flipped her over, trying to get some water into her mouth. It worked. After a couple of hours, she grabbed the paintbrush handle I had been using to drip water in her mouth and turned herself over. She acted normal for 3 days, kicking hairs when disturbed, and staying in her hide.

    On the 4th day, she became a statue, basically. No death curl, but she seemed completely unable to move on her own. I again flipped her over and tried to hydrate her again. That was a week ago. She is still alive, but is very weak. She doesn't really respond to touch. The only way I know she's alive is that she will faintly wiggle her legs if I gently blow on her (she is on her back as I try to get more water in her mouth.) She released a small amount of feces a few days ago after I soaked her spinneret area in warm water, and that was the first time I had seen any from her. I'm guessing that she is so blocked up internally that the small amount she released isn't going to help. Part of me wonders if the seller knew that something was wrong, and another part of me says that these things just happen sometimes.

    Regardless, I'm trying to keep her mouth area wet in case she makes a miraculous recovery. Am I just prolonging her suffering? I've thought about putting her in the freezer, but if there is any chance that she could recover, I don't want to snuff her out.

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