Grade 'The Americans' Season 5 finale:

Posted 1 year.


  • Susie Graeber - 1 year ago

    I thought it was slow, hard to follow at times, all over the place. What's with telling Henry he couldn't go to that school? I thought the finale was non climatic. We know no more than we ever did. Except that Martha will be getting to adopt a little girl to help her have more meaning in life.

  • Brad - 1 year ago

    Good story with well developed characters. The pace of the series seems very natural and I never got the feeling that it was dragging which I believe is due to the fact that the characters are well developed and interesting. I'm looking forward to the final season. Phillip likes his white Camaro and Elizabeth looks longingly at her nice wardrobe.

  • Jody Legendre - 1 year ago

    I love THE AMERICANS because it is so consistently real to me, and the characters are so layered and interesting. The finale was the same.

  • Troy Montgomery - 1 year ago

    I felt like I was having to watch it for a school project. So boring, very dissappointed.

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