Grade the premiere of 'World of Dance':


  • Robin Ross - 6 years ago

    It seemed that Le Twins were going to win no matter what they did. They are good but not "all that". Everyone I know says the same thing. Their reputation won it for them, not their dancing at the time. Fik-Shun brought it every time as did a few others. It did not seem like the right people were in the finale at all. Some of the best and most polished were gone far too quickly. It was disappointing for sure and seemed to be predetermined.

  • Nora - 6 years ago

    I also think the colorful lighting on the backgroung and on the floor are very distractive and makes it difficult to enjoy the performances...

  • Deb - 6 years ago

    1. Cameras on dancers for the entire piece. 2. A winner for each category. 3.Show all the dancers pieces, not just some. 4. Don't have groups competing against soloist. 5. Have a contemporary/ lyrical judge. 6. Involve America vote not just judges. I can tell already who'll win! Disappointed swing Latino won over kinjas. Also Mari and k were way better and versatile even though Les twins are good. Feel like Les twins do the same exact moves just different story. I was happy with Eva. But knew just on age/ maturity she would win over Diana. I have enjoyed this show but doesn't compare with sytycd!

  • Shay - 6 years ago

    Swing Latino wins their division? What's the deal with that. There were so many better dancers.l!!! There were so many better teams . I just don't get it.

  • James Brock - 6 years ago

    It is a crime to underscore Jabbawockeez and Fik-Shun! Both deserve to be in the final!!
    Should have been three divisional finalists in each category.

  • Michelle - 6 years ago

    I absolutely adore competition dance shows showcasing this skill level and variety. All is incredibly inspiring, both the dancer's stories and their performances. I would definitely like to see this show continue but it needs some serious improvements. 1) What's the point of the show and competition if they aren't going to show most of the routines? Total waste to too often show a montage of only 5 sec of multiple routines and then full scale of so few. 2) STOP! And I can't stress this enough...STOP with the deluge of different camera angles, zoom ins and cuts to judge's reactions during each dance!!! It is absolutely infuriating and horribly distracting!!! It's the one thing that drove me nuts as SYTYCD evolved. During its first couple of years, the camera was mostly stationary and the focus was on the dancer. Then more money suddenly turned into too many cameras flitting to and fro from this to that in such a frenetic mess! Learn from their mistakes and HOLD simply 1 or 2 camera positions, showcasing the dancers and their whole body and/or whole group. Why zoom in on their face or only part of their body or part of the group when the dance and dynamics of the whole dance and dancer is key?!! I think I can speak on behalf of the entire viewer audience on this. We HATE the chaos of too many cameras and overuse of spastic lighting. It completely disrupts the flow of the story the dancer is trying to tell us and the emotive journey we are attempting to go on through their amazing performance. Plus the judges get more than enough air time during their commentary afterward. Again, this is a dance show, so focus on the dance! 3) Not sure I'm in agreement with putting solo artists against groups etc. Age categories I get and solo vs solo, duo vs duo etc I think is also vital for improved fairness.
    Final suggestion: Keep it simple. Focus on the dance, the dancers, their stories, the performance's meanings. All of that, in and of itself is mind bending and powerful enough. More than powerful enough. It's simply mesmerizing...if you let us finally just sit back, relax and focus in on what's important. Lose the bullshit.

  • Marie Lansangan - 6 years ago

    I feel it's not a fair judging when they put a solo dancer vs group dancers...these are two totally different categories...don't know how they can judge that by looking at one solo performer vs group....the score does not even reflect what tge judges tell the dancers

  • Kat - 6 years ago

    2 hip hop dancers and a ballroom dancer is not an even panel of dance judges.

  • Joshua Mcintosh - 6 years ago

    I would like to go to a les twins work shop...
    They are inspiring to me in the way I see the world

  • Joy Orozco - 6 years ago

    I recommend focusing camera shots on the dancers as opposed to the judge's reactions to the dancing. We miss a lot from the routines because the camera is recording the "oohs" and "ahhs" of the celebrities and it's a bit patronizing. The viewer should be trusted to develop his or her own reaction to the routines without exaggerated suggestion from the judges.

  • Tara - 6 years ago

    The lights and reflective floor really take away from the amazing dancing.

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