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Posted 2 years.


  • Adeshina - 2 years ago

    There is difference btw being a student friendly lecturer, friendly lecturer amd a sound lecturer dat knows how to impact knowledge . Engr Lewis is all of them coupled with his extra effort and time to organise tutorial classes for students to enable dem pass exams, this he does for free. Please tell me how many lecturer wey don travel commot for PHC to attend e student ocassion, Lewis has done it several times and is still willing to do more.
    #Lewis4gold ojere, nobody go attenuate you from dis award cos u dey pass-band.
    Though ur input voltage is very high but ur gain must be very very high too cos u deserve it.

  • S. S Hope - 2 years ago

    After checking round his 10am class he started calling the names of those absent.. . I was marvelled. Academic, social and moral advice never seize from his mouth. A man that doesn't discriminate or condemn, a good listener and a gifted teacher. Am yet to learn under anyone like him.

  • ibaakee, dakara, prince - 2 years ago

    Engr. Lewis always let us know that, the knowledge we acquired here in RIVSU can lead us to a better future tomorrow

  • ibaakee, dakara, prince - 2 years ago

    He is a good man because, encourage us to read hard and he always tell us that he was a good student during his own time in school & he always tell us that, learning & in character is the most things that we make us to excel in life.

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