Who SHOULD have won 'The Amazing Race' Season 29?

  • Ms shep - 4 years ago

    I agree with everyone that scott deserved it. He really mastered the patience game. I also agree that you should have a rule that other teams are not allowed to help each other. I don't think she was prepared at all and I'm sure she was put on the show for drama but so sad she won.

  • Nic - 4 years ago

    I think zac and Flo were pretty bad from season 2. Zac was great but flo was at least as whiny as brooke. Could u imagine those as a team. I would have to mute the tv.....

  • Phyllis Cofrancesco - 4 years ago

    Though the outcome was disappointing to us, please continue this Amazing show. We so look forward to visiting countries we may never see and countries we have visited.

  • Pamela Shook - 4 years ago

    Brooke should share her winnings with all the other contestants who got her to the end. There's no way that whining naggy brat would've made it to the end without all the help she got!

  • Vicki - 4 years ago

    Brooke should have served a penalty at the minimum several times. If a partner isn't allowed to help then neither should it be allowed another team member. If Mike had not taken the time to do Brooke's ladle they would have been disqualified for not finishing the road block. Simple as that. The sound of her whinny voice grated on our nerves. ...... "SCOTT!!!!!!" Ugh

  • Sue - 4 years ago

    Very disappointed that Brooke won- she is totally undeserving!! And was a pain to watch

  • Jean - 4 years ago

    I couldn't have been more disappointed by Brook winning! She was SUCH an UNFAIR whiner! She NEVER would have been in the finals if OTHER team members didn't help her complete her challenges. Then she turned on them! SUCH an UNFAIR, WHINEY loser-not winner. ANY OTHER team would have been preferred winners.

  • Julie - 4 years ago

    We started a drinking game based on Brooke's whiney, helpless, crybaby attitude! We were so drunk by the end of an episode! Drink when she screams, cries or wails "Scott" Drink when she demands "Help" Drink when she screams "I can't do this" Drink when she cries. See, now you're loaded!

  • Steve@pdx - 4 years ago

    I was rooting for Tara and Joey, but I have to agree that at least Scott earned his way to the win. How he didn't ever go postal on Brooke is a mystery. Most disappointing ending ever!

  • Gina - 4 years ago

    It was so unfair. The other 2 couples carried their backpacks the entire time. Scott and Brooke should have been disqualified or at least penalized. I don't like Amazing Race anymore because of this. So disappointing!

  • Dawn - 4 years ago

    Everyone should have to carry their own backpack and fanny pack during the whole race. Brooke was such a whinny crybaby. She never pulled her own weight. Very disappointed in race 29.

  • Mary - 4 years ago

    The one team I didn't want to win, won. I really wanted Matt and Redmond to win, but when it was left with the final three I wanted Joey and Tara hands down. Think I'm done with the show....

  • Sj - 4 years ago

    The only saving grace is Scott deserves the whole million for putting up with her for that length of time..don't think I could've done it for a million

  • Virginia Anderson - 4 years ago

    Please, please, please have many, many more episodes even though i disliked this one's ending. I hope Brooke learned some valuable things (other than the money) to help her get through life.

  • Sheri - 4 years ago

    I was really hoping Matt and Redmond would win. They were far more deserving than Brooke and Scott. I hope she was embarrassed when she got home and saw the show, but I doubt it.

  • Sharon R - 4 years ago

    I only watch this show to see the sceneries, and some customs of other countries. The fix is always in, in all the finals. I have determined that a few seasons ago, as the best teams (or even second best) never win in the finals.

  • Kathy R - 4 years ago

    Brooke was my least favorite contestant of all time and I've watched almost all of the seasons. Poor Scott had to put up with all of her nasty selfish behavior and they were the least deserving of the final four. They just happen to do better than the other teams in the final episode..at least none of the other teams had to help Brooke this time ! I'm very disappointed in this event.

  • Jan - 4 years ago

    Wanted Tara and Joey to win......if not them anyone but Brooke and Scott.....she especially was obnoxious, he deserved a medal.

  • Tom - 4 years ago

    I have watched every single season of TAR
    It is by far my favorite show. With out a doubt, Brook was the most obnoxious racer that I have ever seen in all 29 seasons. Something seems wrong with this world that she actually was a member of the winning team. I was so disappointed that they won I was actually crying about it. Horrible result for the show. You notice the show realized this and barely focussed on the winners at all. Usually the ending was a very uplifting event for any team and all viewers. This ending was as flat as a pancake. But, in defense of the show. It is probably the only true reality show. Anything can happen.

  • Alfi Ler - 4 years ago

    Scott deserve the million dollars . He has been super amazing! Overcoming his fears and patiently tolerating Brook. Not a single penny should go to Brook the Drama Queen! She has been no help at all just whining and crying. I have never seen such a negative whiner in my life!

  • Cam - 4 years ago

    Wanted Tara and joey to win Brooke and Scott should go down as one of the most undeserving teams in history Brooke was so ignorant so really did make women everywhere look terrible Tara and joey deserved it way more and were beasts I am so pissed Brooke and Scott won so undeserving

  • Scott - 4 years ago

    Loved Scott Hated brook, how he didn't kill her I'll never know. She makes all women look bad, his patience amazed me. As for the backpacks , they said they checked their packs instead of carton, this way the airline would hold it at airport in Chicago when it was not picked up at the carousel, nothing illegal here I've done it myself on long layovers. Other teams have done it in the past

  • Emily S - 4 years ago

    Scott deserved to win but not Brooke! I hated all of Brooke's whining!! She is a disgrace to women everywhere. She owes money to the teams who helped her out in her challenges and the rest of her money should go to Scott who did the work for them- she deserves none!!!

  • Bobbie S - 4 years ago

    It's a race - and the fun is watching what happens and to see the world destinations from a non-glitzy point of view - I like the you tube discussions of each episode - fun to see the details. My favorite team was the boys and after they were out I didn't care who actually took the money. This is my favorite TV show - a real reality show.

  • Cynthia T - 4 years ago

    ITA with everyone about Brooke! Couldn't stand the whiney crybaby!!! If the Amazing Race did edit Brooke to make her look more irritating, they didn't do Brooke or themselves any favors!!! I can't believe she's a defense attorney either! Could you imagine a judge putting up with that whiner in court!

  • Lori L - 4 years ago

    Shame on Amazing Race ... Brooke didn't complete most of her challenges... people from other teams did.... great that it is allowed but alsoBrooke should have incurred penalties. Also leaving their backpack at the airport should have been penalized as well because it is against law to leave luggage unattended at airport. My least favorite contestants this season.

  • Lori L - 4 years ago

    Shame on Amazing Race ... Brooke didn't complete most of her challenges... people from other teams did.... great that it is allowed but alsoBrooke should have incurred penalties. Also leaving their backpack at the airport should have been penalized as well because it is against law to leave luggage unattended at airport. My least favorite contestants this season.

  • Beth Kelly - 4 years ago

    The "squeaky (whiny) wheel' gets the oil. Or in this case half a million dollars! This will ultimately hurt the ratings and future of The Amazing Race. This is a fun family show! Not much good TV a family can watch together. But to teach the next generation that complaining, arguing and not sharing the load is sport?! No thanks ! Well maybe the show will have any Tom Dick or Harry try out. Because obviously good sportsmanship doesn't count for beans

  • C - 4 years ago

    I also wanted Tara & Joey to win, but in all fairness they came up with an incorrect answer to the one of the last clues costing them a lot of time. I find it difficult to believe that Brooke, as a defense attorney, is really this whiny. I wouldn't hire her. When push came to shove, both her and Scott were very wise to TAR ways and maybe they exaggerated her "whiny story" to get more air time. Production on reality shows also encourages conflict for good TV.

  • Emily - 4 years ago

    Brooke ruined the Anazing Race

  • Jeanie - 4 years ago

    The final road block was too easy compared to previous seasons. Brooke seemed to get away with a lot of extra help in her all challenges and showed the world that whining will get you what you want. Not a good message to convey.

  • Emma - 4 years ago

    Scott & Brooke #teamannoyinglywhiny were my least favorite team probably of all the seasons to be in the top 3. So many teams helped her as she cried and whined and made promises she never kept. I really didn't like the stranger format this season. Could not really connect with any of the teams. Sigh!

  • marianne - 4 years ago

    if only that big bearded guy had never helped brooke with the metal ladle...... now i understand why they put this particular amazing race to 10 o'clock slot, it was very horrific to see the ending. at least i have solace that i am not alone in this disappointment.
    but on the bright side, we may never have to see the mother of all whiners, [crossing my fingers]... ever again.

  • Bob - 4 years ago

    Scott definitely deserves it for having to deal with the biggest ever Amazing Race Drama Queen Brooke. And just think, someone on this earth has to contend with her on a daily basis.

  • Carol Mccollough - 4 years ago

    It appeared at the race track that when brooke was trying to change the tire, that as soon as the clock hit 40 seconds, she could start over. With tara and london went to 52 seconds or way above 40 before they started again.

  • John G - 4 years ago

    Scott, congrats. Brooke should donate her share of any winnings to help women in crisis. I think I have watched just about the majority of Amazing Race and all the ones who may have whined in the 28 seasons before season 29, their whining totaled would never be close to the whining Brooke did in one season. Thank God for you Scott, you had the parts.

  • P Raiano - 4 years ago

    Scott deserved to win for just putting up with Brooke. She whined until people helped her and then stabbed them in the back.p

  • Sally T - 4 years ago

    I think Brooke and Scott should have been disqualified for leaving their backpacks at the airport - it is against the law to leave unattended bags on an airplane or at an airport therefore they are not legitimate winners. It was painful to watch Brooke win - such a wrong message. She should share her winnings with all those that helped her along the way!

  • M Clark - 4 years ago

    Very disappointed with the winners of Amazing Race! Brooke whined the entire season...it was painful to watch much less, her to win!

  • Faye - 4 years ago

    Scott deserved the win just for having to put up with her. They would not have won except for the other teams that helped HER along the way. Congrats Scott!

  • Linda S Shaw - 4 years ago

    I didnt mind Scott but Brooke was so annoying and didnt deserve to win, what a whiner!

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