Grade the series finale of 'The Leftovers':

  • My2Cents - 3 years ago

    I thought the finale was hauntingly beautiful. It showed us what pain, sorrow, happiness, and love can do to us all. Throughout the series Nora was so independent, she decided she did not need anyone or so she thought. But in the end she needed the one person who understood her all along.

    Kevin, after years of doing everything people expected and wanted of him finally got what he wanted. He was haunted by his feelings of not being enough for anyone. All he wanted was Nora. It took him destroying his own demons (the bombs and his twin brother) in the alternate world to finally be free.

    Nora and Kevin are two of my favorite characters ever put in tv because I can relate to them. While watching the show, I felt as though it was written about my wife and I. Of course, without all the science fiction parts.

    I thought the series was excellent and will forever be one of my favorites. Im not sure I can go through all the emotions by watching it again, but it was a remarkable show!!

  • Emm - 3 years ago

    The final season made me realize that it was a waste of my time to watch the entire series and I decided never to recommend this show to anyone.

  • Emm - 3 years ago

    The final season made me realize that it was a waste of my time to watch the entire series and I decided never to recommend this show to anyone.

  • Caroline - 3 years ago

    I loved it. Frustrating that there were so many unanswered questions but I don't think those questions could or should be answered. I've been trying to think all those people in the reality Kevin went to when he "died" were they all people who had died rather than departed? Like some kind of afterlife? My thoughts after watching are that the departed 2% were very much alive in a parallel universe separate from the afterlife Kevin went to which appears to have been destroyed by a nuclear disaster or maybe all that was just in Kevin's head after all.

  • Kirsten - 3 years ago

    I guess when Kevin died he was in a 3rd parallel universe. We can all explain that away. But if Nora was one of MANY people who went through the 'suicide machine', then how come none of all of those others apparently were noticed by THEIR relatives or anybody else in that parallel world? You would think it would be Big News that people came through. Apparently nobody knew. Doesn't make sense at all. Kind of a let down.

  • Joshua Thomas - 3 years ago

    Kevin is able to cross over from life to death life which he did by dying the time he spent in death life showed us that there people lived as the living did so what's real ??

  • Crystal - 3 years ago

    I'm a mother, after all Nora went thru, I couldn't have stayed away from my children. I would have smothered them with affection. I don't care how happy they looked. In fact I would have been so happy that they were able to be ok. I just don't buy her not going to them. Does anyone who made the show have kids...

  • Pixie girl - 3 years ago

    I want To know now if Kevin was not dying but perhaps going to the other side was there possibly a Kevin both in both worlds also was there only 1 world in the beginning and somehow we pulled apart to create two separate worlds like 1.46 million people were stuck in the old and the rest actually moved to the new I think Nora and Kevin the leftovers were the ones who moved on to a new version of the world the version when it came to be

  • Patricia - 3 years ago

    Left more unanswered questions than answered ie parallel world when the bombs launched, the remements, who was Kevin and his true purpose..

  • Debra Hill - 3 years ago

    Did Nora and Kevin stay in Australia or did they return to "Miracle"?
    What explanation was given that the end of the world did not happen?

  • Pintocalle1 - 3 years ago

    A little disappointed

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