Fall TV First Impression: Will you make an appointment with 'The Good Doctor'?

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  • Holly - 2 years ago

    I absolutely love this show. Wonderfully executed and I am looking forward to it every Monday. Please keep going, you will always have critics but love the cast and have been following careers for many years. This show has so much to offer and lots of potential! Great job.. I am a following fan and wish you all the best in many years to come. Very different from you grays anatomy which I have been following faithfully for many years. Great job! I love the diversity And story lines that could take some amazing twists and turns...big fan

  • Becky911 - 2 years ago

    I have seen the Korean version of Good Doctor, I was upset at first when I saw this American version if this show only because I didn't want to see this work corrupted. We mainstream so many children and adults into our society here, who have mental, emotional and physical challenges,+ there is a need for people to see that mainstreaming works. That talent is not always by the book, the sense of community belonging is not just for the privileged or the so called norm. That said, I hope that the character Dr. Murphy will be developed with the sensitivity and relevance that it deserves. What I have seen so far is impressive.

  • John Fraim - 2 years ago

    The good doctor was a very good show we plan on watching it every Monday night at 10 p.m. my wife actually cried watching this show

  • Ayla Lowman - 2 years ago

    Have been waiting too long

  • Amber - 2 years ago

    Hope it has a good run like house. Can't wait!

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