What Do You Want To See From The Next Silverado?

  • Rick Habedank - 4 years ago

    I would love to see the wheel openings rounded! IMO it looks unfinished when you look at these squared openings and see the undercarriage and frame in the top corners. Wheels are round - why would the openings not be? Yes, they have been squared to varying degrees since the '70s with the '88 redesign coming closest to being round again - but the past ten years have been bad enough to actually be the main reason I went to a Ford for the first time in 40 years after 8 Chevys in a row. I would love to come back to GM next time if they can give it a smoother, finished design!

  • Brian Labs - 4 years ago

    Need more rear seating room and ac vents in rear seating area. Similar to the Tahoe, how you have adjustable air vents in the headliner. Or at least make it an upgrade option

  • Aaron Martin - 4 years ago

    Chevy's need to make more legroom in the rear, Ford and Dodge both have big back seats and the tundra which is needed nowadays would be nice to ditch the square Fender Wells so you get more clearance, also add a full roll down back window like the tundra. Love GM but they need to step it up.

  • Chad scarpholt - 4 years ago

    You need to make more interior head room and shoulder with. I can't drive a new Chevy because I don't fit. When I sit like your supposed to I'm looking thru the windshield visor. Because the windshields are sloped back so far. And my shoulder hits the post between the doors.

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