Do you think the rock should go?

Posted 2 years.


  • Todd Jordan - 2 years ago

    I honestly think some people live in a bubble, of course Kiama is going to be developed and not be the same as it was twenty year ago or even as it is now the only thing you can be sure of is change. It's not if development will happen but how should the development look and what inferstucture is needed to support the development. I think it's a great idea only I think the town needs a really good backpackers style hotel rather than five star but that is just my opinion, good to see someone with vision on council driving the town forward instead of living in the past.

  • Tim - 2 years ago

    Another dumb-arse idea from Cr Steel. Kiama does NOT NEED ANY MORE DEVELOPMENT. Leave our town alone. We don't want to become a thriving metropolis packed to the rafters with all those rude moronic tourists.
    P.S how many more cafes/ coffe shops can Kiama handle?? Last count 18. Maybe a second grocery shop to stop Woolworths monopoly.
    'Keep Kiama Country'

  • John - 2 years ago

    What an absolutely ridiculous idea. Kiama is already over developed.Just look at that monstrous hole at the Vathwrs site in Manning St (developers greed on display.) There is no more need for any more accommodation in our quant country town. If anything the netball courts should be moved out to the Bombo quarry when it closes next year. And as for Cr Steel, drop him into the Blowhole on the next king tide along with his stupid, real estate/ developer ideas.

  • Robyn - 2 years ago

    I'm so angry that this is even a thought!!
    We are already congested with traffic & council is allowing so many high rises/ units in town already....forget it! 5 star hotel!! That's crazy!! Terralong street will be at a standstill... it's almost that now on weekends & holidays.... imagine when the blob is finished on manning street & all their families & friends come to visit ???? What about a small movie theatre instead somewhere for us locals & an Aldi so we have a choice & don't have to go out of town?

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