Do you think Helen Zille following her tweets about colonialism should be forced to step down from the DA?

Posted 2 years.


  • Patricia Eeles - 1 year ago

    She spoke the truth and these days everything gets classified as hate speech when it does't contribute to benefit people. If you go back in history, of the first people that was met by Jan van Riebeeck, was the Strandloper (Cape Malay), but I don't hear the coloured shouting discrimination, cause they are almost like a forgotten nation.
    Colonialism had great benefits...look at our infrastructure today because opposition for the wrong reasons.

  • bonginkosi - 2 years ago

    the truth who was benefiting to that development and the correctness of it is that Capitalist did benefit not ordinary people of South Africa .
    by putting African people in the modern gas chambers of homelands what development did it bring to African people non .

  • Ank - 2 years ago

    She spoke the truth and anyone who calls this hate speech or who cannot appreciate that colonialism actually did have some (even great) benefits in the development of infrastructure is suffering from an excessive degree of tunnel vision.

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