Grade the premiere of TNT's 'Claws':

  • Wanda - 4 years ago

    Way too explicit for television that my grandkids can just click channel. Agree with Tammy. I thought someone had purchased pornography!

  • Tammy - 4 years ago

    After the first episode I was interested in what was going to happen after the death of roller. Honestly, after the 2nd episode, I have zero interest in watching it again!! This story turned from interesting to a joke. The whole funeral scene was far fetched and the "boss" is ridiculous. The whole first and second episode was not only way too explicit, especially for younger viewers, but nothing made sense. First of all, how would a gator get into a boat? Secondly, the smacking of the "boss " and his wife was way off. It was like a bunch of bad actors playing in front of the camera. Thirdly, you have strip poles on a float at a funeral then a bunch of prostitutes dancing around , then you're going to bust out a Gospel song. What are we teaching our young ladies when we show so much explicit , sexual situations on television. Seems like there's no limits to anything. Thats why society is so screwed up how about cleaning it up , then it will be more interesting.

  • Chriscilla Johnson - 4 years ago

    I love it something to watch until my other shows come back

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