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  • Ron Allegretto - 2 years ago

    The Oilers 84-85 team were a great team. By far they were the best all around team that season. I have been watching hockey for over 57 years. and I have never witnessed an all around team like the 76-77 HABS. When the visitors are playing at the Montreal Forum , they are already two goals down before the game even started. THERE IS NO MISTAKE THAT MONTREAL CANADIENS THE SUPERIOR TEAM.

  • Reggie - 2 years ago

    Good points made by all . But once I make my point I think any logical hockey fan will agree ... Habs are better because of their coach Scotty Bowman !

  • Matt - 2 years ago

    I think a lot of teams in the 80s copied and learned from that Canadian team, learned how to play the game from them, I think they revolutionized something new, and other players built on it, like Gretzky and Messier were that much better because of it.. A we can play the game that much better, And I think it was truly a natural progression.

  • Matt - 2 years ago

    I think it would have been a lot closer than people think, The Canadians were by far the more dominant team but there wasnt the same level of competition in the 70s. As the 80s. I think the X factor is this, If you put Andy Moog in goal the Oilers win easily Fehr in net its 50-50. Because As good as Dryden he didn't face anyone like Gretzky, Messier, Coffee, kurri, with secondary scoring from Anderson with a mean streak from Tikkinan, A team so good that for years the better goaltender was a bench warmer was not a challenge that the Canadians had to face. So it would have been a fun game to watch two teams that played totally different. Styles,

  • Paul - 2 years ago

    You can also add that not only did they only lose 8 games. They won every pre-season game as well that year as I can recall.

    As good as Gretzky and the Oilers were the 76-77 Habs were the best Team I've ever seen. The Big 3 and Dryden would have shut down the Oilers scoring machine. Lafleur Shutt and Lemaire would have done the rest. Let's not forget Gainey as well. Too much speed, skill and size. Something the Habs have not had since.

  • Nick - 2 years ago

    84 Oilers!! Never had the best goalie but was a playoff stud. The team won most of the awards that year plus the cup, and beat the best team that year in the finals... Linneburg was amazing, too bad his career was cut tragically short.

  • Sean - 2 years ago

    I can remember us swift tavern Gary and Michael Downs the guys us and Molson and quart ????????????????????????????

  • Nota moron - 2 years ago

    Fantastic job with your biased homer article full of stupidity. The gretzky era oilers would have stomped any habs team that's ever hit the ice 4-0. I bet you also think you won the Subban Webber trade huh? Haha idiot

  • Barry - 2 years ago

    2 great teams, but I vote Montreal on this one.

    Goalies - Grant Fuhr was awesome in the playoffs, but far from the best goalie ever. Ken Dryden was a stud and is one of the best goalies to ever play the game.
    Defense - Montreal had the greatest defense core, hands down. it showed during that season and throughout the playoffs that year.
    Offence - Oilers had a better offence than Montreal, hands down. And because of that, were more enjoyable to watch between these 2 teams. having said that, the 76-77 version of the Montreal Canadiens totally owned each of their rivals, and were clearly over the top, the most elite and complete hockey team to ever play the game.

  • Rob jones - 2 years ago

    Oilers would beat the 76-77 Habs 4 games to 1.

  • Denis Larocque - 2 years ago

    Although I believe that the Oilers had a great team in 84-85, in my mind there's virtually no comparison to the dominance the 76-77 Canadiens had on their competition that year. The Habs were much better defensively with the big three at the helm than what the Oilers had in their line up.

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