Is/was your father involved in trucking?


  • Deborah Byington - 7 years ago

    How about passed down from Father to daughter?

  • Ray - 7 years ago

    My dad drove truck o/o and best mechanic
    He drove all his life till cancer took his life. About 40 yrs of driving. My self my brothers and my brother in laws all drive truck

  • Ken E Cox - 7 years ago

    My dad started me out driving a dump truck stockpiling for the rock crusher when I was 8.. I soon wanted to drive something bigger, so when I was 13, I hauled my first load of logs out of the mountains solo.. Never looked back.. I got out of the logging business several years ago and now after fifty plus years am hauling livestock and heavy equipment.. Way over 4 million accident free miles and lots of memories.. I figure to give it up in a few years when I turn 75

  • Steve Jackson (Shadow) - 7 years ago

    My father, now deceased , hated driving. He drove about 38 miles to work 6 days a week and most weeks 7 days. The furthest distance I remember him driving was about 70 miles to see his sister. I started in 1978 and did 7 1/2 years driving. Then my father told me about another job so I took a lapse of some years and after retiring from that started again, only hotshot loads this time. Don't know what he would think if he saw me driving again. I got my urge from my uncles and aunts that were in the Airforce and would drive from all over he US to visit us and tell,stories of their road trips. Shortly Ill be back out of it when the insurance comes due and notmhave to deal with government regs and eld.

  • Cliff - 7 years ago

    My dad owned and drove and was killed in a truck accident when I was 16. I didn't get into the game till I was in my 30's. In my 60's now and none of my boys does this. Thank God!

  • Lucky Ravein - 7 years ago

    Dad drove as a o/o an company driver for 46 yrs. with 6 million accident free miles when cancer forced him out of the truck. I have been at this for around 10 yrs. an never planned on it LOL.

  • Ronald Harris - 7 years ago

    He was a driver for 30+ years and I have been a driver for over 50 years

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