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Should the LGBTQ Rainbow Flag also include black and brown stripes?

Posted 2 years.


  • Phil - 1 year ago

    Created by Gilbert Baker in 1978, the pride flag has NOTHING to do with race. It was a flag for all gay people - which at that time meant all LGBTT or GLBTT or what ever combination of letters you wish to use.

    The original colors he chose were:
    pink - sexuality
    red - life
    orange - healing
    yellow - sun
    green - nature
    blue - art
    indigo - harmony
    violet - spirit

    Pink was dropped because it was not a readily available flag material at the time.

    Indigo was also dropped so there would be six stripes.

  • Ken Collins - 1 year ago

    The six-color flag has become more or less an international standard. It stands for all of us, and there is no need for micro-symbolism. No purpose is served by twiddling with the colors.

  • Shane Lowrey - 1 year ago

    The original flag had more than 6 colors.

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