Will you shop at Bezosmart, AKA Whole Foods?

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  • 911bodysnatchers - 2 years ago

    Jeff Bezos is the real-life Lex Luthor; he will put Amazon shipping locker vending machines at the top of every whole foods and also use drones to disburse both consumer goods and food from those locations. This will be very smart and will F the S out of UPS as Amzon rolls out their own wholefoods based drone fleet

    Of course the drones will be collecting mapping data to compete with google maps, which Bezos will sell to everyone by making it a SAAS that runs on his EC2 cloud as API access to mapdatasets.

    Per the request of CIA that Bezos hosts on EC2 cloud, he'll black out or "shrubbery over" any secret installations / bases.

    Ultimately the drones will be upgraded to robot couriers, then armed 'to secure your package', then suddenly Bezos has a drone based robot army that the CIA will run from Amazon's cloud and will be laser zapping deplorables on their enemies list for HIllary clinton

    This is after bezos-luthor programs amazon ec2 cloud to cyber attack the powergrid with mechanical turks deploying altered vault7 tools near and wide, then all the kindles go black and he's destroyed all of history once the last book is composted for Eco-day; rendering all humans outside of amazon grid vulnerable to flying robot soldier courier army to zap them in their backyards

    The end is near

    THanks for playing

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