You FEEL the Way You THINK! Or do you?

  • Robert Brun - 9 months ago

    I live in Dayton Ohio.
    In 2019 negative events in my city, tornados which wreaked havoc across the whole county, a mass shooting downtown, the killing of a police officer, yeah these all have caused people in our community to have major depression, anxiety and anger.

  • Grenny - 9 months ago

    I believe most of our experiences are mediated through thought, but this isn’t from birth. Certain aversive stimuli directly cause pain and anxiety to infants, for whom there’s no question of thought preceding feeling (unless you want to make neurocognitive arguments about how neurotransmitters are involved in the startle response, etc, but at that point you also have to allow for involvement of neurotransmitters in the gut biome, for example. Are you prepared to argue that the clenching of the bowels in response to pain is thought?)
    Thought is a tool that humans can learn to use for or against themselves and their wellbeing. It’s important and absolutely is an appropriate therapy target, but we are not just walking adult brains in a frictionless universe.

  • Kenneth Mayer - 10 months ago

    I believe that it’s both. Certain events such as death of loved one can cause you to feel depressed although if you continue to feel depressed for months on end then your thoughts could be the reason why. There also could be a biological reason involved also. Using cognitive therapy works. You have to be willing to use the techniques.

  • Karina - 2 years ago

    Having this survey on David's website increases the number of participants who have read his theories, and therefore skews the results to favor his conclusions (which I agree with)

  • Fred Longenecker - 2 years ago

    Feelings and thoughts often originate from the subconscious, which is packed with logical, rational foundations. Thoughts aren’t always first in coming to our conscious mind; in fact, feelings often come first and thoughts follow. See the book called The Righteous Mind.

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