Were The Mother's Actions Justified?


  • Sad Mom - 6 years ago

    You are lucky-I was arrested when my daughter took my car keys from me (had been served divorce papers-daughter took Dads side-he didn'twant me to drive our vehicles) and when I went totake keys from her fell on top of her as we struggled. I was the one prosecuted and found guilty of domestic violence when I was the one attacked, car keys stolen by her-thisdaughter was 20 years old atthe time. Never laid a hand on her before this. Ruined my life.

  • Tychinna Pratt - 6 years ago

    No, that's just wrong. That girl didn't 'boss'up on her, she's a liar and looks like some ratchet, hoodriving rat trying to show she has some sort of control over her daughter. Turn you call her out of her name for what?!?! She didn't ever talk back, but then she wonders where the child gets it from. They need to lock that b@$!h up for child abuse. END OF STORY, WRONG WRONG,JUST WRONG!

  • WillowFan - 6 years ago

    Every child is different, every parent(s) is different - you want a certain kind of child, respectful, well-behaved, etc. - then you need to be the kind of parent that raises that kind of child. Children' do kid stuff (for the most part); that you should be able to handle without calling them out of their name, with slapping them upside the head, with making a spectacle in the street. Yeah, you really showed her.....

  • Vivian Epps - 6 years ago

    The only issue I have is with the B word, that's it, she was justified in her actions, more parents need to handle up like that.

  • Jean - 6 years ago

    The mother could have handled it better. She provoked the child. I would have taken her home and dealt with her at home, not in public. And the language was not in a manner I would want to be talked to as a child. Children learn from how you speak to them and how you treat them. If you holler and scream at them, they will holler and scream at you. If you curse them and use bad language to them, they will do it to you. Parents can be wrong too. What is the lesson this girl will learn from this experience? Many times adults have no idea what kind of problems children experience at home. Show me some love, not holler and curse at me. The child was wrong but that is not the way I would have corrected her.

  • lc - 6 years ago


  • Tiffany - 6 years ago

    All honesty these days children will try you and sometimes you need to put them in their place a different way. To everybody that does not agree with this hey that is your opinion. Every child is different and what discipline works for you may not work for the other parent.

  • KYE - 6 years ago

    If you watch until the very end you will see that the girl needed to be PUT back into her place very quickly. And her MOTHER knew exactly what to do to make her daughter's thought process change. She had to show her 12 year old daughter who has the upper had, who's tougher, who she doesn't want to go up against. She knew her daughter wasn't crazy enough to curse back at her...the B word made her think twice about who she was talking to. We have to instill fear as a control mechanism sometimes to stop our children from destroying themselves outside of the home. I bet she'll think twice about doing it again...she looks like a smart young lady. Thanks Mom for raising your children with passion.

  • Kym - 6 years ago

    She did what she needed to do and said what she needed to say! The Mother owes NOBODY an apology. If she don't reach her daughter right where she is..... she'll lose her. It's not about being polite, it's not about the hands-off approach- none of that would've let this little girl know not to buck-up against her Mom. If I had done it to my Mom, trust, there would've been waaaaaaay more footage and a dental plan needed! In my culture Mom is the queen, and if you get out of line, she'll show you how she became queen. There's a place for all children..... up in you're Mamma's face ain't it!

  • K.slaughter - 6 years ago

    You can discipline your child without degrading your child.... little heard that she's a bitch from the streets but not from home.. and because you have education doesn't mean that you have morals and integrity

  • dee - 6 years ago

    that's her daughter ..she was in a place she was told not to go...no one will care for her like her mother ...better be glad she has a mother who cares about her...so what she called her out of her name. Kudos to you mom for not giving a fxxx about what ppl think.. ppl will chew your daughter up and spit her lil ass out.....mom did the right thing

  • Lisa J. - 6 years ago

    Ok, I agree with most of the comments in stating that she needed to correct her child. But it's the manner in which she went about it and the language used. We appreciate the background story and the fact that you have done well with your GPA, however, all that means nothing when you can't trash talk to your child and expect them to respect you. I had a big mouth growing up and one might say I talked way too much, so I got in trouble a lot and was disciplined often but it's all in the way it was done. I have much respect for my mom and my elders now. They didn't cuss me out or make me feel like trash or two cents worth of nothing. Great comments on ways to discipline, correct and chastise our children.

  • Toni - 6 years ago

    The old saying is " I brought you here and I will take you out" No , absolutely no child of mine will ever stand up to me. I gave you life fed you cared for you and put a roof over your head. I'm the parent and let me do my job. She had every right and if you want to treat me like a stranger in the street then its on. I would not have called her what she did but I would have Got That A$$...... That is the problem with these young children out here. they have no respect for authority, no respect for their elders. They don't respect themselves but the moment you discipline them everyone got something to say until they rise up at them. In society you cant have it both ways this is a different generation , some are even killing their parents. Parents start early , the younger the better teaching respect, morals and values and you wont have this problem, also monitor their friends and social activities.

  • Karen Carter - 6 years ago

    I agree with what she did but it's how she did it. She was 100% wrong for calling her daughter a b****! There is a way to discipline without swearing. Oh yea the girl should have been embarrassed but not with the mothers language.

  • Rose - 6 years ago

    You did what a lot of these kids today need a hard look at life. The kids walk around today like the parents owe them something. Like Bernie Mac (R.I.P.) said we some punk ass parents. I still believe the best thing to do is put a child in a child's place. Society has made people afraid to reprimand children because the police and social service will be involved. It is a sad world we live in and unfortunately it will never ever get better. We have destroyed what could have been a beautiful world to live in.

  • JDS - 6 years ago

    She meant well but, in my opinion went about it the wrong way. I would not be surprised if she doesn't get a visit from the Department of Social Services - Child Protective Services if this video is ever brought to their attention. She professes to be a college graduate with a 3.92 GPA - if this is true, then she knows that this is not the proper way to discipline a child. Jesus please take the wheel...

  • n.india rhem - 6 years ago

    While I may not have handled the situation as she did...I cannot say that she is wrong. I think that the parent knows what parenting style is most effective for the situation. I don't agree with the language, however if that is the vernacular of the Mom, then so be it. I have no doubt that this Mother is acting in the best interest of her child . Later it will not be somebody who loves her correcting her...It will be policemen who won't give an ish about beating, stomping choking or shooting her.

  • Shawn - 6 years ago

    I agree with the mom! Sorry! But sometimes you have to come hard! People always want to judge!!

  • Kb - 6 years ago

    Mom was absolutely correct all across the board, she have to communicate with her Daughter in a way that is effective for her daughter and her other children. I am very happy with the mother's approach towards her children because she REFUSES to Lose her Children to what I consider the " 3 S's" ;Society, Statistics and the System ). Sister, keep standing your ground and remember, what or how other people may think, feel or say, is none of your business!

  • A Concerned Mother - 6 years ago

    Whip Her Little 12 Year Old Ash Can.
    Raising Up On Her Mother Like That.
    Better Learn Respect For Her Mother. Mama is The One That Is Going To Be There When Everyone Else Leaves Her Little Womalish Tail In The Dust.

  • Deborah - 6 years ago

    Yes Yes Yes I support this mother who is doing a good job raising her children. The girl was bucking up yo her mother. She what she got and more. Some Children have no respect for their parents or anyone else.

  • Sondra - 6 years ago

    Mama's discipline style may seem harsh, but it's easy to judge someone harshly when you haven't walked in their shoes. It's obvious to me that she cares for her children and doing what she needs to set them straight and keep them alive, well and giving them the opportunity to thrive. A hard headed 12 year old girl getting out of control needs what it takes to set her on the right path. Better that mom kicks her ass now, than someone who doesn't care about her exploits her or she turns up dead. The world is no joke and the kid needs to understand that. Blessings to you mom for loving your children.

  • Barbara Buffington - 6 years ago

    I think she was justified and don't owe anyone an explanation of why she did what she did to her daughter. She didn't do enough if you ask me. We need to allow parents to be parents.

  • BUNNY - 6 years ago


  • BUNNY - 6 years ago


  • Esther - 6 years ago

    I agree she needs to do whatever she has to to make sure her children are doing well. What if she or one of the others had been hurt? Then it would be the mother's fault even though the mother is trying her best. If the authorities had picked them up they would not have been gentle with her and they would probably have ended up in big trouble. Hail to you mama bear

  • S. Sweet - 6 years ago

    As a mother of a teenage daughter, I understand she did what she felt was right in that moment at that time. No one else will care or be concerned for that young girl as much as her mother. No one!!!!

  • Toni - 6 years ago

    Mothers language okay!
    kicking that ass okay!
    damn sure WILL NOT allow older kid to put younger kids in danger!!

    Kids/teenagers USE the same language... best believe US AWOKE/ATTENTIVE mothers KNOW our children and KNOW how to punish them according to THEIR DISPLAYED behavior!!

    i have threaten to JUMP my children MANY TIMES- they fall in line too!!

    Keep up the good work!! & i AGREE dont give 2fux what folks think!

  • Deleesa Carr - 6 years ago

    Yes she was justified in what she was doing but the language she use and how violent she could get with the child I dis agree with that. You see my people have been so Americanized and taught not to correct your child if she doesn't this mean spirited police department and they know who they are hate African Americans with a serious passion and would love to take your child without a blink of an eye ok!!.

  • K. Carrington - 6 years ago

    I agree with the mother correcting her child; but the manner and the language was extreme in my opinion. I I hope the mother and all parents will consider addressing our children with the same respect we expect them to have for us and others and the same manner of respect to which we want them to become accustomed to receiving in their lives.

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