Should city commissioners revise municipal code to allow the keeping of domestic chickens inside city limits?

  • Judy McCaffrey - 4 years ago

    Please allow the city of Great Falls to have chickens ???? in the city.
    Thank you ????

  • Cheryl Reichert - 4 years ago

    All other major cities in Montana allow a few backyard hens, and letters/emails to Animal Control Officers in Missoula, Billings, Bozeman, and Helena document at most a few calls per year. It's not fair to compare a few urban hens with their crowded country cousins. Advocates will pay inspection fees and support rules to limit the number of hens, banish roosters, and establish set-backs from neighboring property lines. Hens make less noise than a lawn mower or barking dog. They eat bugs. They recycle food waste. Their droppings enable families to compost year-round. Their eggs are far healthier than eggs that come from supermarket cartons. Urban hens are part of the solution to sustainability and local food production. Let's establish enforceable rules rules that protect everyone's personal property rights.

  • Jean Halvorson - 4 years ago

    When you are unable to use your backyard to barbeque or have friends in the back yard because your neighbor has chickens and hasn't cleaned them up, you might rethink having chickens in neighborhoods. I have experienced this before in another state. We were not able to utilize our pool or barbecue because of the stink and flies. We called the Health Department every other month to force him to clean up his chickens. He cleaned it up to avoid a fine and then didn't clean them up again until we called the Health Department and they notified him to clean it up again. This went on for 6 years until he moved. Farm animals belong on a farm. not in a neighborhood where they infringe on homeowner's right to enjoy their property.

  • John - 4 years ago

    Since I can't vote I will leave a comment. We have a house by CMR high school. 2 doors down there is a house that has 2 cows and a horse and we can't have chickens. Are we not all in the same city.

  • John - 4 years ago

    My wife votes so then when I log in to try it says I already voted. What you only accept 1 vote per family.

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