Do Republican efforts to overhaul much of the Affordable Care Act, roll back Medicaid and change the individual market for health insurance have your support?


  • Truckman - 7 years ago

    Obamacare is good,except that it STILL unconstitutionally forces people to BUY Healthcare at massively inflated costs,it's raised the cost of Healthcare for most people by over 100%,got Millions of people tossed out of their good Healthcare,to be either forced into a plan that doesn't work for them or makes it impossible for them to even GET healthcare,chased Medical professionals out of the Health Care business,scared most College students away from a possible future in Medical Care,costs the Taxpayers billions of dollars in national debt,and it's UNSUSTAINABLE. This new Healthcare Plan isn't perfect-not by a long shot,but it's designed to be sustainable,and will fix the majority of the problems Obamacare either created or made worse. I'll support the NEW plan 100%. BTW-I'm 62 yrs. of age,so I'm almost up to the level of "Old people" who will face either the current "Death Panels" or will be outright "killed",as the Liberals are preaching,if the New Healthcare Bill is voted in. I trust the Trump Conservatives a thousand times more than the last occupant of the White House and HIS Badministration.

  • Richard Davis - 7 years ago

    I would be willing to bet, that most of these people wanting to repeal Obamacare, has no insurance, DOES NOT WANT INSURANCE, knows nothing about it, lives in a state that didn't implement it, or the place where they work furnish their insurance. Obamacare saves me about $1000.00 a month. It all depends on the state you live in, if that state implemented it.

  • Robert Smith - 7 years ago

    Most of you hated Obamacare just because you hated Obama. Insurance rates have been " spiking" regardless of Obama . That's because your private insurance industry is greedy . Guess what has stayed affordable, and is also a great plan? Give up ? MEDICARE . That's right . If we had Medicare for all , imagine the bargaining power that would be in place to lower or control costs of treatment and medicines and prescriptions that would be realized . Let the private insurance industry take their profits made by screwing you over and over and go home and be put to pasture . Many of the rank and file can find jobs in the expanded government run program , that is actually better than most private plans that you have with your out of reach deductibles . Many of you can't even afford to see a doctor because you haven't met your deductible and never will , unless it's a major health issue. Sucks doesn't it . Oh , don't blame Obama for that , he had nothing to do with it . Medicare for all is the best solution out there , but most of you would rather let the Republicans screw you some more first . A single payer system is what Obama initially wanted , but realized that would never happen as long as Republicans existed , so he made a deal with them and the insurance industry to agree to vote and support a very watered down
    "Obamacare" that we ended up with . His plan was sabotaged from the beginning , and he settled for something he shouldn't have , knowing it was a start anyway. MEDICARE FOR ALL , is the best way to go. Don't be afraid of the Fox News guys screaming socialism , because we already have the program in place , and it is working well , with the exception of contractor , Doctors, and hospital fraud etc.vigorously snuffed out and prosecuted as an
    easy way to keep solvent. What do you have to lose? Oh , your life, if you let the politicians in charge have their way !!!

  • Bob - 7 years ago

    How is Obamacare good in any way? Most people I know got canceled from their plan or are paying twice as much for their premium as they did before, with higher deductibles as well. Get the government out of healthcare completely! Government is always the problem.

  • Darrel - 7 years ago

    A bunch of you are gonna get the screwing you so rightfully deserve. Most of you vote against your own best self interest and are too dumb to know it. If you think Obamacare is bad read what this new law if passed would do especially if you are over 50.

  • Chuck - 7 years ago

    I have lost health insurance due to the extreme cost spike caused by Obamacare !!


  • Lawrence Frizell - 7 years ago

    As a person that has had very good insurance thru my work place and have had some health problems. I see this action they are trying to take is showing me that my life and future does not matter. If they want to get a health care for everyone this is not the way to do it. Maybe all the rich running this country should just pay for us all to have the same coverage the government provides for them. They are out to kill a lot of sick and elderly with the cost they are projecting because no one will be able to life a good life paying what they purpose for the older generation. I'm embarrassed as a republican when I see how uncaring the party has become not only in Washington but the state of Missouri.

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