Grade the 'Pretty Little Liars' series finale:


  • Alyvia p metcalfe - 5 years ago

    i love pretty little Lias so much but Alex be nice to your sister Spencer Hastings okay

  • Angela - 5 years ago

    Please don't end pretty little liars it's a great show and it can't end!!!

  • Ms. J - 5 years ago

    I feel soooooooo cheated!!! There's more!! There has to be more!!! "???????????????????? I binged all seasons and can't get enough!!! I need more , there is more!! Lol

  • Donna Powell - 5 years ago

    It was not the end I wanted these great writers to write..... I felt a bit cheated!

  • Kayla - 6 years ago

    I feel the ending was rushed. However, I would like to see a whole new series on just Mona.
    What goes on in her mind
    What really went on with her
    Her life story
    The obsession
    Maybe something even darker?

  • Bethannie - 6 years ago

    Omigod I loved the season finale but I want to know what is going to happen with Spencer and Toby #longlivespoby

  • Rinoa - 6 years ago

    I loved the ending... But I think that I died a little inside when history repeated itself. I want those girls to be the NEW Pretty Little Liars!... I can't help but imagine how awesome that would be... But it would be slightly different

  • anonymous PLL fan! - 6 years ago

    For the people who don't know how Mona got a hold of Mary Drake and Alex Drake...Mona said she called 911 right? Did you notice that only one police officer came to arrest Alex? If Mona had really called 911 the whole police station would have be at Toby's old house. The fake police officer is Mona's boyfriend. You also see him when he kisses Mona and ask her if she is coming to dinner.

  • Jasper - 6 years ago

    This ending was so disappointing. After 7 SEASONS of buildup this is what we get? A.D should've been someone we knew throughout the series. The Alex idea was sloppy and it didn't make a lot of sense. It would've been so much more satisfying to see Melissa or Wren or anyone else. And OF COURSE they had to have a potential spin-off. Pll just can't stand to have closure. Also, how did Mona get a hold Mary and Alex? They said at the end they were in police custody. This just drives me insane.

  • jojo - 6 years ago

    PLL was an amazing show. 7years fan base.
    Just an amazing show. And sad it had to end. But also knowing they will still be acting and more likely to make a movie or show their own will also be wonderful.

  • Sam - 6 years ago

    The finale was below par. It was clearly rushed and not like any of the pll classics.with just one book they guessed it not real Spencer and twins run in the family and also find the exact location without any trouble and reached there which is not a pll thing...After 7 great seasons this type of rushed finale was not at all expected ...everything was just so easy in finale and the twin theory doesn't even make sense in any way ...

  • Ashley Church - 6 years ago

    I loved the ending.! The reveal of A was awesome. My only thing that confused me is Ali and Emily are working at the school and they see a repeat going on. And before you goes off to Mona's doll house with Alex it shows the high school kids doing the same thing as season one episode one in the barn when Ali goes missing. Could there be a remake.?

  • Ashley Church - 6 years ago

    I loved the ending.! The reveal of A was awesome. My only thing that confused me is Ali and Emily are working at the school and they see a repeat going on. And before you goes off to Mona's doll house with Alex it shows the high school kids doing the same thing as season one episode one in the barn when Ali goes missing. Could there be a remake.?

  • Little liarsss - 6 years ago

    So... I just want to know if there will be a spinoff?? Because if so what does the original PLL has to do with Addison and them?? Who was mona talking to on the phone?? And we're the girls in Spencer's barn?!?

  • Kat - 6 years ago

    I thought the finale plot twist was rushed. It would have been mind blowing if we knew about Alex or had theories about a twin from the beginning of the series. I felt like the Alex reveal was a last minute thing and was not thought of very well. I also thought they were going to clear up the other plot holes that the previous seasons left us with in the two hour finale. I was so excited to watch the finale thinking that Mellisa, Wren or someone we actually knew was going to be A.D rather than this twin that didn't exist till the end. I loved the show and it was a great 7 seasons but really wished Alex had more scenes in the previous seasons to make sense to the finale.

  • Ashley - 6 years ago

    He was not the real police. If you look back it was monas boyfriend. The same guy she was kissing in France. She didn't call 911, in true Mona fashion she called in a favor.

  • Jen - 6 years ago

    Wish it ended differently. Don't like how it ended with Addison missing like it started with Alison. Otherwise perfect ending in all parts!

  • Lexii - 6 years ago

    I feel like they shouldn't make a spin off w the other girls , because they don't deserve it . Nothing will be the same as the original pretty little liars , so if they do make another one I'm not going to watch it .

  • Beth - 6 years ago

    Why didn't they just make wren the mastermind.? such a giant let down.

  • Anabel - 6 years ago

    The finale was OK. I was surprised at who AD turned out to be but I thought and would have liked it to be someone they knew and never would thought was AD. I would've preferred it to be Melissa or someone else. Not taking away that Spencer did a great job as alex.Also I did find it strange that Mona was able to get Alex and Mary drake on a plain.

  • Aly - 6 years ago

    This finale did leave a lot of loose ends and a lot more questions than before. Sure it might have been good but the last parts had to mean something. Does that mean that it isn't over? Or does it mean that they are leaving us on a big cliffhanger? Mona with Mary and Alex and then the girls reliving what the main ones already did. Will the younger ones be the new Ali, aria, spencer, Emily and hanna. I don't know but it just doesn't make sense. They need to tidy it up a bit

  • Hannah - 6 years ago

    It could have been so much better! All the ideas were there, it just seemed rushed and not quite done right... plus I really wanted it to be someone totally ubrelated to charlotte...

    Sad its over though have enjoyed it

  • Amy - 6 years ago

    There's far-fetched and then there's what happened in that finale. Plot lines plucked from thin air and I agree with Brie about that dream sequence being a classic cop out of something fans were looking forward to watching. I understand that they needed a shocking twist but the twist should actually make sense.... The twin theory feels overplayed and a desperate ending to this series. And speaking as a Brit, none of us have an accent that sounds that insane!!!

  • Michael - 6 years ago

    The finale was absolutely amazing. A wonderful conclusion. The people who didn't like it haven't posted any valid reasons beyond wanting answers to tiny things that they're stupid to expect answers for. It's called using your brain and deductive reasoning, people! Most of the things you want explained you can figure out for yourselves. That's nothing unique to PLL, it's that way on all shows.

  • Lirpa - 6 years ago

    Angiey, your fiance is brilliant! Great pick up! My other part of that question is; how the heck did Mona get them on a plane to fly to another country especially one being an escaped convicted and the other one relentless so I would have assumed she would cause a scene to get help and taken away from Mona. Not to mention, passports, ID, etc to board a plane from another country...

  • Lilly - 6 years ago

    Since it was the last episode I'm guessing with the girls at the end they are going to go through what Emily, Allison, Hannah, Aria and Spencer right? Because they are not making any more of the PLL. Unless they start a new series with the other girls but I don't think they will.

  • Angiey - 6 years ago

    Brittany. We had the sane questipn but my fiance paid close attention ha! Good point too! Mona said i called the police, the polive who came in and got then were not real cops. That is how she was able to capture those two to put them in the dollhouse.

  • Brie - 6 years ago

    So many loose ends! Why did Jason have that stab wound? Why did Ali always say the girls collectively knew everything? How was wren a diamond? Why did Eddie lamb recognize aria? Marlene king admitting that they haphazardly threw in that dream sequence because they make it up As they go kind of summarizes the whole show. The fans have always been smarter. Someone rewrite this to be actually brilliant because this is so dumb! I'm glad they kind of warned us with the stupid masks and weird sci of screen thing when they revealed charlotte or else we might have actually been disappointed hahah. Also thought the best part about this episode was the pug sweatshirt

  • Isabella S - 6 years ago

    Since when Alex faked being Spencer?

  • Brittany. - 6 years ago

    I don't understand the ending at all. I thought the police came in and arrested Alex(A.D)? How did Mona end up trapping Mary and Alex in her "dollhouse".

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