Which of this week's best tweets are your favorites? (Multiple selctions allowed) (Poll Closed)

  • Best Buy: *opens first store* Good Buy: We should have seen this coming …@ThaJawn

  • Me: *unfurling yoga mat in office* Boss: Hey I didn't know you did yoga. Me: *lying down* I don't. ….@GianDoh

  • If your response to calls for gun control is “Should we get rid of cars too?” the answer is, for you, yes. You should not have a gun or car …. @robdelaney

  • Is a rivalry between two vegetarians still called a beef? …@LoverOfComics94

  • My favorite sentence that gets less true the louder you say it is: "I'm not a monster." …@SamGrittner

  • "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, so we can kill them to give ourselves tax cuts." ~ Senate GOP …@Home_Halfway

  • The news has greatly overestimated my interest in what is happening at the Uber company …@kevinseccia

  • "I did it my way." Frank Sinatra "I fail to see what business it is of yours how I did it." Secretive Sinatra …@Okeating