What do you think is the best title for my biography?


  • Michael D. O'Neil - 6 years ago

    Hi Nathan,
    I voted "Turning Red" but think I prefer "Astir". I didn't choose it because I don't know that it is as marketable. But maybe those who would purchase such a biography would not be put off by "Astir." Most of the population would, I think, walk right by that title unstirred...

  • Nathan Hobby - 6 years ago

    Thank you Laura! I don't think you even saw Francesca's comment on Facebook - she suggested "Astir with Great Things" too. Astir *is* a strange word, especially once it's considered on its own. I've had a similar shifting reaction to it.

  • Laura - 6 years ago

    I'd add--while I like "Astir" best, I like the whole phrase "Astir with great things" whence it comes, especially because I have a shade of confusion processing the word "astir" when I see it out of context. My first reactions went like this: "Astir. Isn't that some kind of flower? But shouldn't it be spelled with an e? And why is it... oh wait. A-stir. Yes, that's rather good." (Maybe just me being slow.) But "astir with great things" hints at genius and future brilliance, as much as it hints at youthful agitations.

    By the way: CONGRATULATIONS on getting to the stage of having a complete manuscript. Look forward to seeing the thing in print one day in the hopefully not distant future!

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