Grade the 'Battle of the Network Stars' premiere:

  • N - 4 years ago

    It is such a lack luster version. I don't remember watching the original, I may have been too young, but I found them online and have been watching them now. These were fun!! They were stars who were "athletes" too...It is fun watching the stars having a great time!! This was serious competition....with the various teams members winning money depending on where their team placed. There was a "crowd" to cheer them on and laugh, the commentators weren't obnoxious either.
    You had the epic tug of war battle in one of the earlier episodes where the two sides fought HARD to keep from losing. I also love the episode when, for the first time, Robert Conrad wasn't a team member and, when NBC was doing the tug of war, he was so caught up in it that he got down right next to them screaming encouragement and direction.

    This version is just boring....There is no excitement. If you want to bring it it right and bring it back how it used to be.

  • Tanya Weber - 4 years ago

    I like watching it just for the entertainment factor, like a train wreck you can't not look at sort of and for the nostalgia as a kid watching the original. However I must say it is so OBVIOUSLY FIXED! I mean, seriously. They get so far and then tug of war and the losers up to that point always end up winning. Not to mention the serious vast differences in teams in terms of physical ability. Watching Anson Williams,who appears older than dirt aside from some definite face work, hobble up the red carpet--I mean, really? I don't recall the original having such old stars on because they HAD to be physically able to perform. This one seems like a joke in a way, along with the other ABC summer game shows packed with "celebrities". The ridiculous questions and fixed answers on the Celebrity Family Feud is another case in point. You can TELL it's fixed. No one is that stupid. The dumb answers--just, no. But having said all that it still entertains and is a nice break from drama etc on tv. Except that Gong show remake. Should have never ever happened. ????????????????????????

  • Steve Smith - 4 years ago

    Get rid of this garbage and bring back Wipeout. Now that was fun to watch.

  • Kim - 4 years ago

    Would have been better with a crowd who could engage and boost the experience. Tom Arnold, showing up late, and nursing an obvious hangover. He put a negative on the show.

  • Bob Edmundson - 4 years ago

    I couldn't even watch a half hour of it. Terrible show and idea.

  • jwb - 4 years ago

    Awful episode last night. I won't get that hour back in my life. LOL.

    No crowds? The original had fans/crowds watching the game which made for more energy. 5 per team last night? Seriously? Barely enough to begin with to have team competitions. Is that really the best they could do/get? Tom Arnold looked like he was going to pass out from just walking around near the ducks feeding them. It looked to "scripted." The announcers looked desperate to talk about the "action" (if that's what it was) on the field.

    The competitions? Tennis and trying to hit a ball back? 10 seconds of archery shown to us? The teams could barely swim (I was sure I'd see a lifeguard saving a swimmer as bad as they were).


  • R - 4 years ago

    No where near as exciting as the original. Captains should also compete. I agree with the article. Original show, celebrities really were intense and ready to compete!!! Where are the crowds??? Plus, more people were on each team. Tom Arnold sorry but you were a bore. Kim, Lisa, Tracy nicely done! A few guys.... really??? My grandma is a better athlete! A few select guys...... well done!!!

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