Should the name of Burnie be changed to Emu Bay?

Posted 2 years.


  • Hamish - 2 years ago

    Burnie McBurnFace

  • Kane Malcomson - 2 years ago

    Perfect snapshot on why Tassie is a backwards state. Everything he said is true. Stop shooting down people who want to do something for this state.

  • Patricia Wright - 2 years ago

    I do think even think know there are native emus in tassle. What about everybody, birth certificate, it would be invalid
    ,,not to mention a huge expense on all buisneses to change their logos.

  • chrissy - 2 years ago

    Where does it you then rename burnie park...burnie hospital....burine lawn cemetery the list goes on. I was born in burnie i lived Iin upper burnie do you change that to upper emu bay really the whole thing is one persons whim and it will come at a cost its stupid idea in my book. People come to visit the north west coast of tasmania burnie is but one town they visit

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