How do you feel about being called a carpenter?


  • Scott - 7 years ago

    I earned my family a living for 40 years as a carpenter. It's not a dirty word. I also am a cabinet maker and had my own shop many of those years. Call me carpenter, no ofence taken.

  • Charlie - 7 years ago

    A good carpenter can certainly do some wood working... even more so with a trim carpenter.

    I am not offended if called a carpenter. I am proud of that title as it means an accomplished builders with certain skills. It also depends on the knowledge level of the one doing the calling. If someone called me a roof man because they saw me install the tin on my shop's roof even after most of my effort on that construction was carpentry, I would just have to consider the source and not let ignorance offend me. it should offend them more. Yet in a couple more years of woodworking I would hope most in the know would think of me first based on my work as a woodworker.

  • Chuck - 7 years ago

    Call me what you will, just don't call me late for suppper

  • Norm Carpenter - 7 years ago

    Since my last name is carpenter, I have no problem when people call me that.

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