Circular and Regenerative Economies (Poll Closed)

  • Bioplastic Recycling: In anticipation of an increase in bioplastic use, Bioplastic Recycling has developed advanced technology to make recycling post-consumer bioplastic possible.

  • polySpectra: polySpectra makes functional materials for advanced additive manufacturing.

  • CurbMyClutter: CurbMyClutter's text-application enables the city to collect and recycle used electronics directly from a user's home.

  • The Renewal Workshop: The Renewal Workshop is redefining waste in the apparel industry by sorting, repairing and selling used clothes.

  • Renewal Mill: Renewal Mill up-cycles food processing byproducts to reduce waste and improve health.

  • eCeptacle: The Powerbin, desgined by eCeptacle, is a smart trashbin designed for efficient waste collection.

  • TinyToronto: TinyToronto deploys sustainable backyard office studios as a solution to urban crowding.


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