Distributed Energy Systems (Poll Closed)

  • Lilac Solutions: Lilac Solution's technology speeds up lithium production and increases access to new lithium resources that have previously been unavailable.

  • Cloud Instruments: Cloud Instruments is dedicated to building smart software tools that accelerate the pace of battery R&D.

  • Cerebus: Through aggregation and machine learning, Cerebus increases the value of batteries while reducing uncertainty in their performance.

  • Sparkplug Power: Sparkplug Power is solving the need for high demand charges by building, owning and operating a network of distributed energy storage resources.

  • Cool2Zero, Inc.: Cool27zero is a cloud based solution that modernizes refrigeration by employing smart sensors and AI to optimize equipment.

  • Advanced Resilient Technology: Advanced Resilient Technology transforms unusable waste into energy and biochar.

  • OffGridBox: Through the use of solar energy, OffGridBox makes clean water and power affordable to off grid communities.

  • Symbiot Technology: Symbiot Technology utilizes smart home devices coupled with AI to automatically optimize energy consumption in homes.

  • Skyven Technologies: Skyven Technologies develops distributed solutions for industrial process heat.

  • Lytyfy: In an effort to increase energy access, Ltfyfy provides solar product financing for low and middle income rural households

  • COI Energy: COI Energy’s optimization solutions help utility companies and their commercial and industrial customers improve the performance of their business by generating new revenue streams.

  • NovoMoto LLC: NovoMoto provides clean electricity for sub-Saharan African off-grid areas.

  • Hot 4 Solar!: Hot 4 Solar! uses solar data to drive new customer acquisition.


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