Food, Water and Transportation Systems (Poll Closed)

  • FreshSurety Corporation: In an effort to reduce food waste, FreshSurety reports real time freshness and shelf life of food products.

  • YouMicrofarm: YouMicrofarm sets up, manages and delivers healthy at home grown hydroponic food.

  • MOEV Inc.: MOEV Inc's smart charging software is designed to customize electric vehicle charging.

  • Mogol: Mogol’s traffic management software communicates directly with vehicles to decrease traffic and accidents.

  • MondayMotorbikes: MondayMotorbikes is working to revolutionize electric transport in cities with their fully electric, consumer friendly motorbikes.

  • Katz Water Tech: In their mission to solve the depletion of freshwater resources, Katz Water Tech purifies industrial waste water by recycling industrial waste energy.

  • watt-r: watt-r's solar powered vehicle serves dually as a water transport and a clean energy resource.


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