Infrastructure and the Built Environment (Poll Closed)

  • Green Design Guru: Green Design Guru is a software platform that provides customized, location-specific energy saving strategies for home-owners and building professionals.

  • Sender, LLC: Robotic inspection systems with an array of specialized sensors to analyze bridge infrastructure and identify defects before they become problematic.

  • Autocase: Autocase‚Äôs software combines peer reviewed research and personal design inputs to create the most economical and green designs to utilize when building.

  • ClimaTek HVAC: ClimaTek HVAC utilizes cloud optimized, energy-efficient HVAC systems for commercial buildings.

  • Inibii Technology: Inibii's software analyzes building consumption data to automate energy conservation and lower energy usage.

  • Team 75F: Team 75F created a smart HVAC system that saves both energy and money.

  • RosettaBlock: RosettaBlock connects ITO and sensors to maintenance operations in commercial and smart buildings.

  • TESIBIT INC.: Tesibit's SaaS platform uses Machine Learning and Advanced Process Control technology to continuously monitor operations, assess productivity in real time, and significantly boost the performance of the system.


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