Do you think Trump will bring back the gold standard?

  • irvin leroux - 4 months ago

    I believe that if the world is to free their people from the devastation they are living in all countries we must go back to the gold back currency and the only way that will happen is through the only real leader in our world today and that is Donald Trump the president of the people of USA. he is the leader the world was waiting for to lead them to freedom. our future around the world lies with his vision.

  • Jason Bourne - 1 year ago

    Something else for everyone to consider is that President Trump has taken one, very small action step (beyond just words) to verify what has long been under a shade of conjecture is whether the United States actually has any real gold reserved in our vaults....specifically Fort Knox. One of the early and actually verified events took place during President Trump's Administration, relates to a visit made by Mr. Steven Mnuchin, US Treasury Secretary (who I believe to has a brilliant financial and business acumen) to Fort Knox to do one thing. He verified that the gold does exist, and made a very public statement regarding this fact. Mr. Mnuchin would not have done this by his own accord, and hasn't been done in a very long time. I believe this was done with very deliberate confirmation that before any trade talks could take place, and any negotiations with other countries happens, it was VERY important to our President that this small piece of information is confirmed by someone who is a very trusted advisor. For Mr. Trump to do this on his own (publicly) would have brought too much attention to the general public and other nations of showing our hand. Mr. Mnuchin's visit to Fort Knox was apparently considered by the public as a much more subtle action. But, this did happen.

  • John B. Dolwick - 3 years ago

    Trump would have to stay in office longer than may very well be the case before he might get around to addressing a gold standard.

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