What Do You Think He Did To Cause His Baby Mama To Bust His Windows?

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  • Computers101 - 7 years ago

    I get the whole this dude had me messed up thing, but this article even states that there have been plenty of women whom have kept much more peaceful. This woman is clearly sick, no excuse though. Plenty of women would agree and do as this video has gone viral of this clearly unstable woman. Many are saying he used her to get into America and then cheated on her, which yes that is very wrong of him, but this is no way in hell the right way to handle it. Instead of keeping her kids out of danger and keeping this between themselves, this woman has exposed her true unstable and unloveable qualities.. It was soooo obvious those poor kids don't want anything to do with her, and again yes the father wronged her and deceived her which is also very wrong, but it seems she may have cleared up why he cheated. Oh and this is coming from a woman btw... myself and many other women have take a both peaceful and better path, one that would actually make him sorry and wouldn't harm children and disgust so many people. Not even trying to be rude but she should really focus on taking care of herself. As in get a new shirt/clothes and/or workout and actually take care of yourself, maybe he'd actually regret it rather than probably celebrating! At least then she would have the support of many others, I'm sure even some men too, but instead she showed a vile and crazy woman whom even her babies are clearly terrified of. Nevermind how clearly stupid she is for doing this in the broad of daylight with witnesses around, she could have figured out a way to get back with him that was smarter and didn't involve the kids. I'm sorry but this woman is as ugly on the inside as she is on the out, like I said she has the right to be angry with him but she could have made him regret it and actually take care of herself... but no, instead she disgusted many people and she deserves jail time for this, even if she's unstable she still put her kids in danger as well as blatant vandalism right on camera.. Being unstable is no excuse, this woman hopefully will get some sort of consequence... Oh and she probably shouldn't have custody of her children either... those poor kids!

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