Do you or your fleet utilize video on/in your truck?


  • Tammy hudson - 7 years ago

    Do you seriously think that anybody would want to drive a truck and be under 24 hour surveillance??? I've been driving for 37 years but pretty sure when December hits and the mandatory e-log starts I'll step out. I stop when I am tired...i continue when I'm ready. I Don't need some punk kid telling me I blinked to much. This is all liberal bullshit!!! They want what that truck brings they just Don't want the truck cause that's against their green house grain. Guess can't have your cake and eat it too!!!

  • B L Caldwell - 7 years ago

    In 2014 on the Pennsylvania Turnpike a car did a u-turn going west in the eastbound Lane attempting suicide by truck. After several attempts trying to Ram me head-on with my avoidance and slowing down finally he did run into me he was not injured he admitted the next day to the towing company he was trying to commit suicide because his girlfriend called off the wedding by texting him and he wanted to leave a big check for her by wrecking into a truck
    He was charged went to court sentence to pay and reimburse me for my loss and my damages because he had limited insurance coverage now 2017 he is finally paid all the expenses.
    My dash cam captured everything including him changing lanes me trying to avoid them by the lines on the highway changing as I change lanes and finally when he was head-on driving into me captured his full face.
    Since it was on the Pennsylvania Turnpike and he was going the wrong way it was not necessary to have the camera proof but it was helpful and I appreciated having it as a backup .

  • Carla Peacock - 7 years ago

    I use the forward facing and passenger side rear facing Blue Tiger set up. I have them in all of my trucks including my personal truck. With all of the ambulance chasing lawyers advertising non stop on the TV, and people in cars doing incredibly stupid things often trying to set up the truck, I want proof that the car was at fault in case of any incident.

  • Mark A Leonard - 7 years ago

    In the previous Truck where I was a Team Driver we used 2 forward facing cameras. I just leased my first Truck and I will be placing a forward facing camera in. In my opinion it is the greatest as well as safest thing to do, not to mention logical because it keeps you and your company's butt's covered in the event of an accident.

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