Should Jacob Zuma be given amnesty in return for stepping down as President?

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Posted 2 years.


  • makgabo mohlaka - 2 years ago

    no he don't have to get amnesty cause he put south Africa in poverty

  • Amonic - 2 years ago

    Amnesty for what?what have he done?he must be prosecuted first and found guilty,then he can apply for amnesty like do you get amnesty without being prosecuted or admitting that you're guilty? Zuma is still dining that he's guilty so how can we forgive such person who's in denial? He need to placed where he belongs!

  • Nickary - 2 years ago

    No he has damaged the Country and has proven to all he is a criminal by rejecting in practice the Constitution unilaterally (by his actions) , on which he took an oath. He is more responsible as President than any other idiot in his administration and his crime besides the property upgrades using tax payers money, unauthorised, plus his other crimes, more than 780 of various serious degrees issued by Courts and the Constitutional Court must be conclusively investigated. That is the chance he gets if found guilty on all charges lock him up at Robben Island the Hotel has been upgraded for such esteemed personalities

  • Nompontjana - 2 years ago

    No. He and his consorts robbed millions of people of a better life by stealing the money that was to be used for unpliftmenst en redress. All of them belong in jail.

  • Magezi - 2 years ago

    Hell noooo, if found guilty he must go to where other criminals are. We need to lead by example than showing criminals that if you got money you are king.

  • Rick - 2 years ago

    Absolutely NOT. He should be fired and the full force of the law brought against him. If found guilty, like all criminals, he should be locked up.

  • Aubrey - 2 years ago

    Giving Zuma amnesty will set a bad precedence. It can never be right to incentivise criminality.

  • Shah - 2 years ago

    If Mister Zuma receives amensty, then let all pending fraud, corruption any theft charges against any citizen of this country be henceforth withdrawn, dropped and never contemplated again.An anarchist utopia indeed.

  • mv senti - 2 years ago

    wehla akehli ixesha lakhe liphelila qha, amanyala, nama tyala, nala manyundululu akhe azohlala ekhona. Makazilungiselele yena

  • Cynthia - 2 years ago

    Sets a precedent for the future!!! A huge NO!

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