Does Cane Deserve To Lose His Wife & Kids?

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  • Jennifer - 3 years ago

    She should forgive him eventually, but not until he pays for what he's done!
    If she loves him and he still loves her than and only than they should make up ????

  • daniellen2z - 3 years ago

    Cane deserves everything he gets. However, before Tokyo, he was a top rated employee with understandable reason for bitterness. He was working twice as hard as Vicky and Billy without much acknowledgment and, because he didn't have the right family name, couldn't head his own business. Neil went through it. His fall from grace has been a double-whammy swift kick in the reality check. He has to start over from rock bottom financially and otherwise if he wants to regain any measure of trust and respect from Lily and the kids. They do love each other and only time will tell if they can make it back together.

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